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Post Euro 2016, Footballers Enjoy Luxurious Holiday

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The EURO 2016 has finally ended with Portugal emerging as the champions. It took about a month for teams from all across the globe to compete with one another. After a series of matches between different zones, one team emerged as the winner. However, each match had its own essence in the way the players tackled their opponents. It exposed all the hard work and passion that they had put together to succeed in the competition.

In the end, there is only one spot. Yet, all gained appreciation for their commendable game play and enthusiastic performance on field. After a much hectic tournament, the footballers were extremely exhausted. It was as if, as soon as the team got eliminated from the EURO 2016, the players packed their bags and caught the earliest flight to the nearest destination to relax and rejuvenate.

Here are some of the players who got bitten by the travel bug as soon as the EURO 2016 tournament ended for them:

Cristiano Ronaldo

After basking in the success of the victory, Ronaldo jetted off for a small celebratory vacation with his family including his mother and his son. Although he concealed the destination from the media and fans, but he did not shy away from sharing a picture of the family gearing up for the ultimate vacation of theirs.

Travel with family ✌️?❤️❤️??

A photo posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

Picture Source: Cristiano / Instagram

Bacary Sagna

Manchester United Defender footballer Bacary Sagna flew to Miami along with wife Ludivine Sagna to enjoy a short break from the sport following EURO 2016. The couple posted pictures of sharing a good time at the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sun against the sand.

Picture Source: ludivinesagna / Instagram

Jerome Boateng

After Germany was ousted from the EURO cup 2016 when France defeated them, Boateng took his entire family out for a holiday. Boateng had forbidden his family from visiting him in France due to a threat of a potential terror attack in the country. Thus, after the tournament got over, he packed his luggage and set off for an exotic holiday with family.

Family Holiday

A photo posted by Jerome Boateng (@jeromeboateng) on

Picture Source: jeromeboateng / Instagram

Chris Smalling

Vacation turned into a nightmare for England’s footballer Chris Smalling. Recently he visited Bali to take a break from the criticism he was being subjected to by his fellow country mates. However, his luck ran out in Bali as well as he got stung by a jellyfish and was rushed to the hospital for immediate care. But was it really a jelly fish? That Remains uncertain but one thing is for sure, that’s not how he desired his break to be like!

Picture Source: Brandon Booysen / Twitter

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

After Sweden’s elimination from EURO 2016, Zlatan flew down to Hollywood to enjoy some time off the field. He happens to be United Manager Jose Mourinho’s second signing and before he began his work at Old Trafford, he decided to take a small trip to rejuvenate himself.

Holidays☀️ #holidays #zlatan #ibrahimovic

A photo posted by Zlatan Ibrahimović (@zlatanibrahimovicoffical) on

Picture Source: zlatanibrahimovicoffical / Instagram

David De Gea

Manchester United’s David De Gea was spotted enjoying a luxurious holiday at Croatia. It was reported that the football star seem to have enjoyed the long stretch of beach with his friends. This trip was ahead of the deal with United. Hence, every eye of media monitored his movement to stay updated with his offer.

A video posted by Edurne (@edurnity) on

Picture Source: edurnity / Instagram

Paul Pogba

Manchester United’s target Paul Pogba was seen vacationing at Miami with a bunch of friends. The football star took to social media to share a video of theirs as soon as they’d touched down.

Picture Source: paulpogba / Insatgram


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