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Euro 2016: England Fans Jailed For Violence

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A French court has sentenced six English soccer fans to jail for their involvement in the violent clashes that marred Saturday’s England-Russia game at the Euro 2016 tournament.

The men were convicted on Monday after appearing at a Marseille court during a five-hour session. They were imprisoned for between one and three months for throwing bottles at either police, rival supporters or both.

The court also sentenced a French man to prison for a year and an Austrian to a five-month prison term for their roles in the three-day violence that left the streets of Marseille littered with shattered glass and torn furniture.

One of the English men was given a suspended one-month sentence and all were banned from France for two years.

Chief Marseille prosecutor Brice Robid told the press that no Russian fans were charged in the violence but confirmed two Russian nationals were arrested both for invading the pitch at the Saturday match, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Robin said earlier that “extremely well-trained” Russian supporters were behind three days of clashes that had juried around 35 people.

The violence was the worst seen at an international tournament since the 1998 World Cup in France.

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