European Super League Twitter

Fans, Players and Pundits react to the European Super League as they took to Twitter to voice their opinions

The announcement of the European Super League absolutely shocked the football world. The developments in the last 24 hours tend to shake the foundations built over 100 years ago. A breakaway league with 12 founding members, the Super league threatens the game as we know it. If it comes to fruition, it may sound danger bells to domestic leagues and cups and also European tournaments like the Champions League.


Super league is backed by almost all of the European powerhouses. Big clubs are looking for financial relief from somewhere to cover for the huge losses suffered due to the pandemic. Super League promises just that. Clubs are expected to pocket north of £300 million just by accepting the invitation to play. Nearly all the clubs have accepted the invitation offered. It’s only a matter of time before others accept too.

This might sound good for the clubs, fans are absolutely hating the idea. Ex footballers have bashed the idea of Super League and have condemned the clubs joining it. Everyone had different opinions. As usual, Twitter was flooded with a multitude of tweets on the topic. Foot the ball brings you some



Football fans across the world have bashed the idea of the Super league. They feel that this decision is solely benefitting clubs and their financial benefits but not the fans and communities.

German teams were lauded for rejecting the idea of super league


Players playing in the Super league are being threatened with severe sanctions from UEFA and FIFA


Players like Ander Herrera and Mesut Ozil wanted to preserve the culture of football and not ruin it.


Few believe that, UEFA and FIFA deserve this as they had monopoly on the game. This move would dissolve that status.



Then there was the usual banter.



The game as we know might change in the near future. Time will only tell whether the change’s good or bad for the game and the fans.

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