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Former Fifa Official Jack Warner Rebukes Comedian Oliver In A Youtube Video

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Jack Warner, the impeached FIFA official took recourse to Youtube for criticising HBO host John Oliver in a 3 minute video message. Jack Warner has been recently suspended with corruption charges against him along with eight other Fifa ex officials.

It is understood that the Jack Warner YouTube video is a direct response to Oliver’s broadcast on Trinidad television where he poked the ex-FiFa official.

To shake off the allegations made against him, Warner tried to defend himself with an article from The Onion and also threatened to reveal some scandalous facts related to Fifa and its operations. On Tuesday, John Oliver by paying for a ad slot in the Trinidad’s tv6 had broadcasted a video specially tailored to instigate Warner. In this video Oliver had challenged Warner to stand up to his own words and reveal the facts that he had earlier talked about.

The entire video that Oliver aired was an epitome of sarcasm aimed at Warner. The ex-Fifa Official did not take it lightly. To respond to Oliver’s criticism Warner said in a 3 minute YouTube video that everyone in Trinidad and Tobago hates him as he is a terrible human being.

The 3 minute video also shows Warner saying that he doesn’t need any advice from a motley fool as he has no authority to tell him what facts to reveal or not to reveal.

Warner was immensely unhappy with tv6 as they allowed a foreigner to air his video in return for money and questioned its credibility. He also questioned that how could the television channel permit a foreigner to embarrass its own countrymen. Warner highly condemned Oliver for mimicking Trinidadian culture and at a certain point of time in the video he also called him “American” for affecting a Caribbean accent.

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