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Electronic Arts (EA) is well-known for producing millions of beloved games, especially the infamous FIFA. The game is played all around the world, but with the incorporation of microtransactions to spend real-world money, the designers had to come up with something to keep players from wasting their hard-earned cash.

Each year, EA releases a new FIFA game that does better in the market than the previous year. In November 2020, they announced that they would try to control microtransactions in the game with the new FIFA play tool. Read on to learn what you can expect from this new feature in FIFA 22.


EA’s new tool is also intended to keep worried parents up to date with their children’s spending. From the time they spend playing, to the money they put down, and even who they choose to play with will be captured using this tool. For most parents, this is a good thing because they can put a time limit on the game to avoid children forgetting about their real lives. 



The game remains fun as always, but now it has better security measures in place to protect parents and to monitor how younger people spend their pocket money. When the limit is reached, either parent or the player will be notified that they have gone above what they can afford. This has happened at the perfect time since most popular gaming franchises have come under fire for advertising microtransactions on platforms that very young children visit. It gives them the control to spend money when they haven’t learnt proper financial management.


Players have reportedly been overspending on microtransactions to win games and to improve their players and teams, so EA took it upon themselves to try to help with the situation. The game now sees game-time limits as well as moderation tools in place to control overspending. The idea was not to control players, but rather to give them visibility into how much they spend on the game on average. People don’t realise just how much they spend when a credit card is easily linked online. You simply click purchase and think nothing further of it. With the FIFA Play Tool, players can track their spending habits and keep an eye out when they go overboard. 



The tool has been cited as being similar to the gambling self-exclusion rule, where players can limit themselves from gambling activities that cost them too much financially. The self-exclusion tool in gambling is an effort to help those with gambling addictions by providing them with online gambling guides. Online Casino Review has tips for beginners and pro gamblers to protect themselves by gambling safely, as well as reviews on all online casinos available. Get instant access to online casino guides to help you play your favourite casino game safely.


The FIFA Ultimate Team mode allows players to create their dream team easily by choosing from thousands of real-life football players. The improved FUT mode gives players plenty more tools to match up team players better using real-world statistics and allows up to three friends to play couch co-op. 



The new model has also brought on additional gameplay options by allowing players to limit their matches and spending FUT coins for FIFA points instead of real-world money. The tool has even been adapted to the PlayStation store so that out-of-game matches played on different devices are logged into the system and counts towards the total points spent. 


By integrating tracking and limits in the new FIFA Play Tool, the developers have been able to provide players with a way to improve their gaming performance. The system not only tracks all the spending and gameplay, but it helps players to understand how they play. Strengths and weaknesses are shown so that players become more comfortable with the game. There are even more guides being provided that have been incorporated with smart prompts. These smart prompts guide players to make good choices when playing the game. The experience overall improves game performance, and increases the player’s game time, without necessarily spending more money, because they are constantly being made aware of spending patterns



It sounds harsh, and almost like the fun of the game has been taken out completely. But, when microtransactions are allowed, players can get addicted to the ease of playing better or getting better loot simply because they paid for it. By incorporating a Play Tool, EA has given the gaming industry a chance to regain its competitive nature by playing a level multiple times to win, instead of buying the win. The tools also teach young players how to manage money and make better choices in their gameplay.

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