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Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has issued a major pre-war call to UEFA with his statements in an exclusive interview with Chiringuito. He has claimed that UEFA and FIFA will not be able to ban players for playing in the European Super League among other statements. Perez has called out the administrators on their threats about the ESL and asked, rather dared, them to go through with it.



The Madrid president, also the first Chairman of the Super League, has said that Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea will 100% not be banned from the Champions League this season. The three teams are semifinalists in UCL along with PSG. It was rumoured that the French giants would be automatically declared winners following the ousting of the other three clubs. Perez has also gone on to claim that no club associated with the European Super League will be banned from their domestic league.




Player bans have been a major concern post the launch of the Super League. UEFA had claimed after leaked reports that any player to participate in such a league would be banned from their own competitions for an indefinite period. Perez has made mockery of UEFA’s toughness saying “Don’t worry this won’t happen if they join the Super League.”




Perez has revealed that the decision to start with the ESL has been in the interest of football and that without it clubs would be dead within years. He has stated the loss incurred due to the pandemic as an excuse to start the leagu while also calling for transparency in UEFA’s distribution of money. The general talks of greater good are being thrown about to paint the breakaway clubs in a good light. He has also called for the sacking of UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin after his statements regarding Juventus president and Vice-Chairman of the Super League, Andrea Agnelli.


PSG and Bayern Munich are the next two clubs who will be contactes to join the Super League according to Perez. However, the league will go on should they refuse the offer. He has also said “clubs like Roma and Napoli” can join for a year here and there, referring to the five additional teams that will participate apart from the 15 founding members.


Perez went on to talk about prospective reforms that the ESL will be willing to undertake. Among them is shorter matches because apparently younger football fans find matches too long. This is a criticism that is perhaps only read about in marketing reports of corporates who have no real connect with the sport and view it solely through the eyes of a consumer

Perez continues, “If we can start the Super League in August, we would do it. We will do our best to start it this year. If we cannot reach an agreement with UEFA, we will not back down. If they want to wait for 2024 to make the reform, they can wait. We’re not waiting for anyone because we need the Super League.”

His tone has gone from bullish to slightly desperate. It is clear that the top clubs have massively mismanaged their finances, and spent money they did not have leading to their current mountains of debt. The Super League is their way out and they are hell bent on taking it.

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