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How Brexit Will Hurt Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Wage Packet At Manchester United

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Manchester United’s new signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic will face a 10% loss on his recently agreed wage packet with the club due to Britain’s forthcoming exit from the European Union.

Swedish legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic has signed a one-year contract with Manchester United as a free agent after his contract with Ligue 1 champions expired this summer. The 34-year-old agreed to a wage packet of £220,000-per-week, before Britain voted to exit from the European Union.

After Brexit the value of pound fell exponentially and the Financial Times reported that this could have an impact on Zlatan’s weekly wage at Manchester United. Commenting on this issue, Manchester United officials said that the possibility of currency fluctuations were not on the list during the negotiation process for Zlatan last month.

A 10% pay cut will see Zlatan losing an approximate amount of £22,000 a week during his tenure at Manchester United, which means that he could lose a total of £1m during his one-year contract with the Red Devils.

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Zlatan had an incredible 4-year run at PSG with 4 consecutive La Liga titles to his name. He scored 38 league goals in 31 appearances this season and holds a club record of 156 goals in 180 matches across all competitions in four years.

The Report further stated that the depreciation of the pound is set to have an impact on the on-going transfer window, as players will ask for a higher wage packet, which could see the clubs losing out on players that they desperately want to sign.

“If there is a Euro amount to a player’s buyout clause, that amount has become more expensive and has potentially scuppered deals,” explained Sheridans sports lawyer Daniel Geey.


In an interview with France Football, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has overtly suggested that Britain’s impending exit from the European Union is sure to have a massive impact on the English Premeir League.

“In my opinion, it is overwhelmingly in the long-term that there are questions to be answered,” he said.

“If the league becomes less attractive, the broadcasters will offer less money for the rights, club revenues will decrease and the Premier League will suffer the consequences. There lies the problem,” Wenger added.

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