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The mighty Roma lost the all-important domestic derby 3-2 against Lazio who get their first win in 4 games. Pedro scored his first goal for Lazio and that too ironically against his ex-club which he left just a few weeks ago.



Lazio and Roma share one of the biggest rivalries in the world since both sides are from the same city and have had many iconic encounters in the past. Lazio started their season with 2 wins in a row but after their loss against AC Milan, they were only able to conjure 2 draws heading up to the game.

Their poor run of games is a worrying issue for them especially considering how good the other sides in the league have been performing. Roma on the other hand are flying high at 4th place having won 4 games out of the 5. They have been solid in their performances all-around heading up to this game. A win in this age would have a major impact on the league in the long run which increases the importance of the game.


Lazio won the lead in the 11th minute of the game after a Felipe Anderson from the right flank that met Milinkovic Savic’s head after a darting run into the box. Lazio doubled their lead in the 18th minute after Roma lost the ball inside Lazio’s box and the home side broke out on a quick counter.

Immobile carried the ball top the final third and made a cutting through ball beating 3 defenders and finding Pedro in front of the goal who finished the ball in the bottom right corner.



Roma halved the deficit through a set-piece corner that was headed into the goal by Rojer Ibanez in the dying minutes of the first half. It would have been a disastrous first half for Roma if it weren’t for their goal which gives them a fair chance to fight back. Lazio dominated the game but Roma too had to play a bit more aggressive after they went behind.



Roma’s performance defensively was comparatively better in the 2nd half but still conceded their 3rd goal in the 62nd minute after a cutting through ball found Immobile who sets it up perfectly for Felipe Anderson to finish the ball in the net.

Just minutes after conceding the penalty, Zaniolo won a penalty for Roma that was taken and converted by Vertout getting Roma back into the contest. Although Roma played a lot better in the second 45, they failed to find the leveller and had to leave the pitch with no points in their bank.




Roma often failed to keep their defensive shape throughout the game since Lazio stretched them completely thin. They often pushed the ball far wide which helped them find space in between defenders and through solid positional play, Lazio’s attackers got into good goal-scoring positions and even received the service they needed from their wide players.

Mourinho gave some important instructions at half time which helped them minimise their mistakes but the damage was already done by that time.




Although Lazio conceded 2 goals, none of them were from open play which shows how strong they were at the back. They kept their form even and didn’t press too much even though Roma were trying to lure them out and look for spaces.

They had many players inside their own box when Roma was on the front foot which made it impossible for the away side to look for a clear shot. Even when they succeeded to find space, Pepe Reina made many majestic saves to keep his side ahead.




Both Mourinho and Sarri are highly experienced in coaching and we could see that on the pitch tonight. We saw some classic football, nothing fancy, just creating chances through passing and making potential runs and defending as a unit. Hardly any mistakes were made by both sides which is why scoring goals in such a game is quite commendable.

Roma would have been in 2nd place right behind the formidable AC Milan if they had won but there has been a slight setback in their plans. Lazio needed this win majorly for the morale of their camo since they finally won a game that too of such high importance after 4 straight games without a win. ‘

The fans especially were overjoyed since they are often bullied by the huge number of Roma supporters in the city of Rome, finally, they have the bragging rights till the next they meet.

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