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Man Utd Garners Highest Facebook Rankings With 65 Million Likes

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According to Insideworldfootball Facebook ranking statistics Manchester United broke all previous Facebook Records in terms of total page likes and people talking.

Although the English football giants are playing catch-up with rivals Arsenal and Chelsea in the Twitter league rankings, when it comes to Facebook it is a different story.

Chelsea are second in both tables with 42.4 million total page likes. At over 65 million likes, United are almost double that of Arsenal who have 32.8 million total page likes.

In terms of total page likes, Liverpool are fourth with 25 million, Manchester City fifth with 19 million and Tottenham Hotspur sixth with six million.

People talking about is similar to page likes. The top three clubs are the same but in people talking about, City are fourth, Liverpool fifth and Spurs sixth.

The difference between the top of the rankings table and the bottom of the table is huge in the Premier League and significantly greater on Facebook than it is when comparing Twitter rankings.

United have 65 times more Facebook like than Southampton in 11th place. The nine teams below the Saints all have less than 1 million Likes, with Burnley bottom with less than 200,000.

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