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Gundogan Tweets To Confirm That He Is Not Dead After Facing Social Media Mocking

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Ilkay Gundogan has tweeted to confirm that he is not dead – after Manchester City caused a social media storm by wearing tribute shirts to their injured team-mate.

Social media’s reaction to Manchester City players wearing backward shirts in support of crocked Gundogan was less sympathetic than thought.

Twitter is a hub for trolling and mocking various footballers, teams and managers after their incidents on the pitch.

The Citizens came out with surprising back to front Gundogan named t-shirts before kickoff against Arsenal last night.

The idea was to show support to teammate Ilkay Gundogan who will miss the rest of the season due to a serious knee injury.

A nice, harmless tribute to a stricken friend, some might say.

But the following tweets showcase that the tribute was overdone by the Manchester City stars.

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