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Pep Guardiola’s First Press Conference: Talks About English Football, Mourinho, Sterling, His Vision & More

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Here are all the updates from Pep Guardiola’s first press conference as Man City boss.

Pep Guardiola Talks:

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]Talking About Conte

“He is a master tactician. It’s a very good signing for Chelsea.

“It’s going to be very interesting competing against him and other top coaches.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]On Sterling and Hart criticism after Euro 2016

“What happened with Sterling – the money they paid for him was always in the mind of the people. But I am looking forward to helping him so he can show us what a good player he is. “

“In Barcelona, it was the basis of the Spanish players. In Bayern, it was the basis of the German team. Here, the English players are so expensive. But I will try to help them.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]About English Football

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]Speaking About The Mourinho Rivalry

“Jose said it pretty well.It’s not about me or him.”

“What I saw from the distance is that it is so tough to win games here.I will find that out myself.”

“We have played against each other many times as coaches and the big coaches help me to reach another level.”

“My experience against him or Jurgen Klopp, they made me better.All of the managers want to win and we want to do that as well.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]His Take On Vincent Kompany

“Everyone knows his quality. My dream for him is to be fit.”

“We cannot ask about him in the last two years as he hasn’t played many games. I spoke with him to say just focus on your body.”

“Forget about the other things, just focus to recover and come back where you were in the past. After that, Vincent will decide for himself but we are sure of his quality.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]His Take On Yaya Toure

“I know Yaya for a long time. He did very well at Barcelona and here as well.”

“He is a huge talent. All the players that are here right now count on me so after that we see what will happens in the future.”

“Not just for Yaya but for the other players.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]Guardiola’s thoughts on the upcoming challenge this Premier League season

“I don’t know. You have to win every day and it is difficult in England.It is hard to win four, five, six games in a row.”

“The managers have more experience than me and they talk about that.The challenge is to add more consistency to our game but I think in my career, people always demand my team try to win as many matches as possible.”

“It is better to live in that pressure.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]His opinion about facilities at Etihad

“It is amazing. When we don’t play well, the facilities will not be the reason why. It is amazing for the club, the community and for Manchester. Congratulations to the club for that.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]What he thinks about the new signings

“All the clubs in the world try to make themselves better.This isn’t the right place to discuss new players out of respect for them and their clubs.”

“We will try to move the squad a little bit.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]For Man City Fans

“Fasten your seatbelts for the other side of the car. I arrived 10 days ago and we are still getting to know each other.”

“We will try to do our best so our players and fans can be happy and proud. Fans realise if these players are committed and we will work towards that.”

[espl_divider divider_color=”#e62132″ link_color=”#e62132″ size=”4″ margin=”20″]Manchester City’s biggest signing of the summer, new boss Pep Guardiola was unveiled in-front of much fanfare on Sunday.

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