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Super-Agent Raiola Says Pogba Has Series of ‘Fascinating’ Options This Summer

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Midfielder has series of ‘fascinating’ options this summer, super-agent said.

Mino Raiola have already talked about pogba with the italian champions and also and talked up on this with the super-agent.

Raiola is hoping for his client that he would become a highest bidder.

He said,” He’s at juve now, so any transfer must be run past .

In a recent times, Raiola told to Marca that there was a conversation between him and real over a transfer. Actually some “serious dialogue” took place between them.


He said: “It’s not a secret. Every year I meet with Madrid, but also with , Barcelona, .

“That is my job. In the last two years my relationship with Real Madrid is again clear and professional. Now there is serious dialogue, it’s positive. They know my character and how I am.”

“I’ve said that he likes (Zinedine) Zidane, Real Madrid is fascinating as are Barcelona, , Paris Saint-Germain, , Chelsea and also Juventus.”
‘real madrid’s coach’ also admitted his interest in pogba.

Raiola suggests that there’s still plenty to be decided when it comes to the midfielder’s future.

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