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From Premier League challengers in December to a manager-less outfit, Tottenham Hotspurs’ endeavour with fire has caused some serious damage. Jose Mourinho’s shocking departure a week before facing Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final raised a few eyebrows but the world expected Daniel Levy to have a Plan-B. Tottenham have been rejected by several elite amangers across Europe as they still struggle to find a new manager.



Ex-player Ryan Mason stepped up to accommodate the empty managerial spot at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Having coached the squad 7 times, Mason managed to conquer just 4 matches while tossing the Carabao Cup in Manchester City’s glorious trophy cabinet.


With managers chucking Daniel Levy’s offer right and left, tension is arising at Spurs. The Euros could be a distraction for now but as soon as the summer of international football ends the world will turn back to study Spurs’ unfortunate situation. Julen Lopetegui becomes the latest manager to reject Spurs’ offer to take over as their new manager.




Since the departure of Spurs’ veteran manager Mauricio Pochettino, the situation at the club has been completely exposed. Pochettino couldn’t capture a single trophy with the English club in his whole career whereas with PSG it took him just a handful of matches.


Pochettino’s departure opened the door for Jose Mourinho. With a revamp in mind, Mourinho looked to replicate his Stamford Bridge heroics with Spurs. But unfortunately, the grandmaster faltered while Spurs’ patience ran out. Destroying Premier League champions Manchester City isn’t ducked soup but for Mourinho, it was like taking a stroll in the park.



But then the club entered the ring of money. Joining hands with the ‘Big 6’ to compete in the newly invented European Super League meant the club faced extreme backlash. With Spurs falling off the track, a couple of protests outside the stadium ignited Levy’s trepidation leading to Mourinho’s departure. While the club claimed it was the results some say it was Mourinho’s disagreement with the proposed league that caused the problem.

The next in line, interim manager Ryan Mason was summoned for the job. A young inexperienced manager locked horns with a Spanish aficionado. Pep Guardiola’s managerial CV had more titles than Mason’s age. The interim caretaker’s stint didn’t last long in London.



Then the rumours started, with the Premier League season over and the world concentrating on Euros, the club had plenty of time for scouting. Unfortunately, the available managers are declining Levy’s call and time might be running out.


The first applicant was ex-Napoli coach, Gennaro Gattuso. An intelligent Italian with unbelievable experience under his belt, Gattuso could have quenched Spurs’ silverware thirst. But a galaxy of #NoToGattuso hashtags trending on Twitter changed the minds of the Spurs’ management. Bye! Bye Gattuso was the next thing trending on Twitter.



Mauricio Pochettino was linked to a fairytale return to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The Argentine manager failed to land the Ligue-1 in Paris questioning his managerial tactics. At last, Pochettino decided against returning to the Premier League, putting Daniel Levy under the spotlight.



Well! By now some clubs would have surely found the perfect manager but well it’s Tottenham so they surely do things differently. Julian Nagelsmann and Erik Ten Hag were introduced in the same bracket as Spurs, but the former signed for Bayern Munich while the latter extended his contract with Ajax.


Antonio Conte was a sign away from being Mourinho’s successor but Conte and Levy’s propositions never matched. Conte claimed he wasn’t given an adequate transfer budget by the Spurs managerial hierarchy. The difference in plannings meant the paper was never signed by Conte who came on the back of a Serie-A title with Inter. Converting underdogs into champions is Conte’s artwork but Daniel Levy failed to notice the canvas.





With the recruitment of defunct Roma manager Fonseca, who was bizarrely followed by Jose Mourinho at the Giallorossi, Spurs appeared to be on the verge of putting this disaster beyond them. Tottenham, on the other hand, abruptly ended negotiations with Paulo Fonseca. According to sources, this is due to issues arising from variations in tax rules between Italy and the United Kingdom.
In any case, Paulo’s dream break in England has been cancelled.


Daniel Levy’s uncertainty and his knack of taking hasty decisions are costing Spurs at the wrong time. Firing Mourinho at the worst time, being on a wild goose chase hunting Pochettino, Nagelsmann or Ten Hag and not being clear with Antonio Conte. If this would have been United or Liverpool, Levy would have already been thrown out.


Remember when United sacked Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer walked in as interim manager, adapted to the change, and substituted the scenario at Old Trafford. He didn’t have a defining few matches but the management backed him and they reaped their results.



Chelsea loves playing musical chairs with their managers but very rarely one of them departs before delivering. Other than Frank Lampard most of the men in charge of the Blues’ ship have delivered the required results. It’s about trusting the process and being a little patient with their men.


Rumours about Ryan Mason’s re-hiring are also floating in the market with the player turned manager stating he is open for offers. But a manager cannot do anything if he isn’t trusted by the management and the players.



Harry Kane’s willingness to leave the club worsens the situation at the club. The pundits suggest Spurs need a defensive revamp and for that Levy will have to spare some bucks. With the League’s top goalscorer and top playmaker already in their ranks, Spurs don’t have to shop worth billions.



Questions are constantly being raised on Spurs.’s strategy. Landing Jadon Sancho to Old Trafford doesn’t seem as difficult as getting a new manager for Tottenham.  Daniel Levy needs to figure out a strategy as quickly as possible while also understanding everything won’t work according to him. You can’t win trophies without investing and Tottenham’s gameplay over the years has clearly suggested that they won’t pull off a Leicester City 2014/15 campaign when they conquered England with very few investments.

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