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‘Next Time You Are Out’: Russia Faces Euro Disqualification, Fined €150,000

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UEFA has issued a strong statement in regards to the embarrassing events that occurred in Marseille after the EURO 2016’s Group B match between Russia and England.

UEFA has taken strict actions against Russia, UEFA has fined Russian Football Union €150,000 and has threatned suspended disqualification.

French police blamed 150 “well-trained” Russian hooligans for clashes before England played Russia in Marseille.

UEFA’s statement read Russia’s ‘disqualification is suspended until the end of the tournament. Such suspension will be lifted if incidents of a similar nature (crowd disturbances) happen inside the stadium at any of the remaining matches of the Russian team during the tournament.’


While Russian Football Union on Monday condemned the violent clashes in the French port city of Marseille Saturday night when England and Russia met in a UEFA Euro 2016 match.

“The Russian Football Union resolutely condemns the actions of Russian football fans and their participation in brawls and illegal activities in the city and during the match,” according to an official online statement of the union.

“We urge (Russian football fans) to show respect to the rival team and its fans, as well as to local residents,” it added when stressing that the laws, rules of conduct and public order in France should not be breached.

Noting that the matches are under the monitor of international football disciplinary bodies, the union warned any misbehavior could lead to sanctions against the Russian football team.

“We call on you to refrain from the use of pyrotechnical devices, laser pointers and other prohibited gadgets at stadiums to spare the team various disciplinary sanctions,” the Union said.

The UEFA has opened separately disciplinary proceedings following the UEFA EURO 2016 group stage matches between England and Russia, Albania and Switzerland, Turkey and Croatia.

The Russian fans were accused by the UEFA of events occurring inside the stadium including crowd disturbances, setting off of fireworks and throwing of missiles.

The UEFA Executive Committee on Sunday warned both football associations of England and Russia that “it will not hesitate to impose additional sanctions (on them), including the potential disqualification of their respective teams from the tournament, should such violence occur again.”

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