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UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid Vs Juventus

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What can be more interesting than watching Carlos Tevez and play on the same field? semi finals, the Italian Giants meet the Spaniards , the current cup holders. The match will showcase big names like Pepe, Carlos Tevez, Pirlo, Cristiano Ronaldo, , Rodriguez, and Ramos.

On one hand, Real Madrid has won eight out of 10 matches in the league with a draw and a goal difference of 16. In the semi-finals, the Madrid Derby was a clincher with Hernandez putting the ball behind the net in the 88th minute. Though the match looked one sided as Real Madrid was in possession of the ball most of the time and they had 23 chances to score compared to just six by their rivals. The facts say that, this is Madrid’s 23rd appearance in UEFA Semi-Finals.

The history tells us that no one has ever been able to defend the title in UEFA Champions league. The jinx seems to be affecting the current champions Real Madrid as they cope with injuries. The gremlin is yet to be broken. Can Madrid break the monotony of UEFA wins and win two titles in a row? First match with Juventus, even if they win against Juventus, they will meet or in the finals. It is too tough for a call with players like and Modric injured.

The Italian Champions have won six matches out of ten, with two draws and two defeats respectively. Meeting Monaco in the semi finals Juventus halted them at a draw in the second leg as in the first leg they had a goal lead (1-0). The team’s star midfielder is injured and that makes it a real tough job for Juventus to defeat Real in the Semis.

The match is scheduled on May 5, 12:30 AM (Indian Standard Time). This is the first leg of Semis in Juventus’ home ground in Turin, Italy. Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer for Madrid with 8 goals and Juventus’ Tevez is just 2 goals behind him. It will be interesting to see if Juventus can hold off Madrid’s attack.

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