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White House Thinks FIFA Can Benefit From ‘New Leadership’

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Sepp-BlatterThe White House on Wednesday said FIFA can benefit from “new leadership”, after the resignation of the world soccer organisation’s president, Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, amid a massive corruption scandal.

The White House spokesman, Josh Earnest said at his daily press conference that “it’s apparent from recent news reports that they’d benefit from some new leadership,” upon being asked about Blatter’s stepping down.

“This is an opportunity for that organization to try to improve their public image and to make sure that the actions of that organization are consistent with their mission.”

“Obviously, the prosecutors at the Department of Justice will carry out their work, you know, irrespective of any personnel decisions made at FIFA,” Earnest added, although he refused to comment on the investigation.

Blatter on Tuesday announced that he would relinquish his post and that a special conference will be held where FIFA will elect a new president.

However, Blatter will continue as acting president of the organisation until the new election can be held sometime between December 2015 and March 2016.

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