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Rashford’s trouble

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Manchester United’s struggles this season were amplified after luck turned away from them in the 4-3 loss to FC Copenhagen which leaves their campaign hanging by a thread. However, things off the pitch became worse when it was revealed that Marcus Rashford’s brother, Dane Rashford was arrested in Miami on domestic violence charges.

The Telegraph reported that Dane Rashford was arrested on October 20. A woman named Chantelle Maynard paid his bail bond a week later.

So, who is Marcus Rashford’s brother Dane Rashford and what is the case about? Here are all the details-

Who is Dane Rashford?

Dane Rashford, 31, is the elder brother in the Rashford family which also has Dwaine Maynard.

Along with Dwaine, Dane has worked closely with Marcus Rashford through his agency DN May Sports Management. Rashford has signed multiple contract extensions at Red Devils through this agency which lists Dane Rashford as the director.

Dane Rashford was arrested on October 20 on charges of domestic violence but after he was bailed a week later, he pleaded not guilty.

Rashford will face a hearing on November 27 and till then he is under a “stay away order” which means nobody can get in touch with him till his hearing.

His bail bond was posted at £1,224 which was paid and he is now on bail.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Daysi Vega-Mendez, assistant state prosecutor for Miami Dade County, said the following:

“The case is still active, at the moment I haven’t been able to get hold of the victim. Our office is trying to get hold of the UK Embassy because we need permission to speak to the victim.

“I am not sure whether they are still in the United States or if they have left the country. I understand they were on vacation. Technically once you are charged you are not supposed to leave the country. When a person is given a bond if they leave, they surrender that bond.

“At the moment the case is still active and listed for an arraignment hearing on Nov 27.”

Further developments on the case can be expected once the hearing begins on November 27. Till then Dane Rashford remains on bail after his arrest.

The news hardly comes at the best time for Marcus Rashford, who faced the ignominy of getting dubiously sent off against Copenhagen. By the time the game finished, the news of this arrest was out.

As per the report, Rashford’s family considers the matter to be resolved. There have been no official statements from either the player’s family, the accused, or Manchester United.

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