Your Ticketing Guide To The FIFA U-17 World Cup To Be Held In India

The ticket pricing for the upcoming FIFA Under-17 World Cup has been set a lower limit of Rs 40 during the first phase of ticket sales. The first phase kick-started on 15th May and was flagged off by World Cup winner Carles Puyol.

Tickets for the first phase have been made available for booking, while the physical copies of those will be rolled out after the day of the draw, which is July 7th.

Here is the information on ticket sales for the Under-17 World Cup.

Ticket sales phases
Tickets to this prestigious international tournament will be sold in four phases:

Phase 1: 16 May to 7 July 2017

Only tickets in Categories 1 to 3 at all stadiums are available. Tickets in Category 4 are not on sale. Only venue-specific packages can be purchased. There is a 60 percent discount.

Phase 2: 7 to 21 July 2017 (individual Visa pre-sale)

Individual match tickets can be purchased in all categories. This offer is reserved exclusively for Visa cardholders. There is a 50 percent discount.

Phase 3: 21 July to 5 October (individual discount)

Individual match tickets can be purchased in all categories. There is a 25 percent discount on all individual tickets.

Phase 4: 6 to 28 October (individual sales during the tournament)

Only full-price individual tickets for the relevant matchday can be purchased during this phase.

Ticket prices

Category 1 – 800 INR
Category 2 – 400 INR
Category 3 – 200 INR
Category 4 – 80 INR

Ticket prices by phase

Phase 1

Category 1 – 320 INR
Category 2 – 160 INR
Category 3 – 80 INR
Category 4 – not available

Phase 2

Category 1 – 400 INR
Category 2 – 200 INR
Category 3 – 100 INR
Category 4 – 40 INR

Phase 3

Category 1 – 600 INR
Category 2 – 300 INR
Category 3 – 150 INR
Category 4 – 60 INR

Phase 4

Category 1 – 800 INR
Category 2 – 400 INR
Category 3 – 200 INR
Category 4 – 80 INR

The first phase of online ticket sales for the Under-17 World Cup started exactly at 19.11 hours IST on 15th May, in what is a commemoration of Mohun Bagan’s IFA Shield winners of 1911, when the Mariners defeated East Yorkshire regiment 2–1.

The rate for category three tickets is only for early booking. Once the World Cup comes about, the Rs 40 tickets will cost about Rs 100. The early discount is a reward for those enthusiasts who have queued up on ticket launch day to book their tickets.

The discounted ticket rates suggest that the Local Organising Committee is leaving no stone unturned to attract and generate more and more interest in what will be the first-ever FIFA event to be hosted by India. At Rs 40, the World Cup becomes accessible to a bigger chunk of India’s population and given its availability, it looks a good move on the organisers’ part.

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