Copa America 2021 Personality Quiz- Find out which team you support in Copa America 2021

While the loyalties of fans with regards to their club side is an all-weather relationship, it is not so simple with international football.

If you’re not from that particular country, numerous factors decide which country you support in international football. It could be due to a player, nation history, footballing philosophy and so on.

It’s time to make that choice with Copa America 2021 upon us. What if we told you that we can tell you the team which you support at the tournament? In FootTheBall’s personality quiz, we will tell you which team you support according to your personality. Do you think you match perfectly with Brazil? Think again.

Take FootTheBall’s personality quiz to find out your ideal team. Let us know who you got via Twitter or Facebook and share with your friends. Who knows, they might be in a for a surprise!

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