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The afternoon of 11th June produced a piece of heart-breaking news as YouTuber Alex Dragomir, unfortunately, succumbed to his prolonged heart failures. After Dragomir’s death, the England and Manchester United striker,Marcus Rashford took to Twitter to express his disappointment

The unlucky news sent shockwaves throughout the world as Dragomir was just 17 years old. Dragomir’s surgery lasted for almost 7 hours after which the YouTuber lost the battle.



A teenager who has seen the ups and downs of life, Rashford has constantly been working hard to change the scenario for the underprivileged.


A few days back the YouTuber nicknamed Sir Kipsta shared a picture of him reading Rashford’s book “You are A Champion.” Although on the hospital bed, Dragomir looked to take inspiration from Rashford’s fairytale journey.


With an outstanding 26.5k subscribers on Youtube, Alex Dragomir was the next best thing. Even posting videos from the hospital, Dragomir’s dedication was unparalleled.





Dragomir was a worshipper of the Red Devils and when the world heard about his illness, waves of messages dropped into check-up on him. Oftenly praising United, Alex loved the English club from the bottom of his heart.

After losing the battle to his injury, galaxies of heart-felt tweets poured in to show solidarity.



His sister constantly thanked the fans and praised the influence of social media which often helped her brother’s case.


Alex’s sister stated: Thank you so much to those who supported Alex through his hospital journey- you have all been so amazing! You all kept him going, gave him the energy to carry on!”

She felt all the messages of support “kept his head up”.

“He carried on due to all the nice support he had from Twitter. RIP Alex,” she added.



An amiable and kind-hearted character on and off the pitch, the world is aware of Rashford’s exceptional work. Once again Manchester United’s generational talent tweeted in support of the Youtuber. Alex posted a picture with Rashford’s book and after his passing away, Rashford re-tweeted the picture, expressing his support and sadness.




The fulcrum of United’s attack, Marcus Rashford is an exceptional talent. Netting an unimaginable 55 goals for the Red Devils his role for a revamped United cannot be understated. Although his work off-the-pitch has been praiseworthy in the past few years. Earning compliments from ex- American President, Barack Obama, Rashford’s contribution to society is increasing day by day.





Consistently fighting poverty in England, Rashford makes sure no child sleeps hungry in his country. He’s working round the clock with charities raising funds to provide food to deprived children. Raising a whopping 25 million pounds last summer, the world has been in awe of his social service.



After last year’s pandemic, the poverty-stricken class of the society faced more and more devastating challenges. With very little work available the pandemic had affected them financially, emotionally, and mentally. Marcus Rashford joined hands with a charity called FareShare, which aimed at uplifting the people who lost their way during the covid-19 outbreak.

His conversations with UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson ignited two schemes in the schools of the country which enabled deprived children to fulfil their needs. The #MakeTheUTurnCampaign was a total hit as the food system completely changed in British schools owing to Rashford’s heroics.

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