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WATCH: Ronaldo Has A Go At The Water Bottle Challenge – And Of Course, He Nails It

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Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has grabbed the headlines again and this time for showing off his incredible skills in the water bottle challenge.

cristiano-ronaldoWhen it comes to a football very few players can match Ronaldo’s level but who knew that the Real Madrid star would be equally brilliant while showcasing his trick with a water bottle.

Flip on the first try, @dwyanewade . Don’t start what you can’t finish. ?? #raiseit

A video posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

The video starts with Ronaldo balancing a ball on his head – but that’s too easy for him. And so he takes up a new challenge – and this one with a water bottle.

cristiano-ronaldo-1He picks up the bottle from the ground, smiles at the camera, takes a sip and closes the lid before tossing it into the air, where it rotates gracefully, before landing in front of the camera standing upright.

cristiano-ronaldo-3After successfully completing the challenge, the former Man Utd man celebrated with his trademark pose before looking at the sky and shouting “raise it”.

Earlier, he had also posted a video on Instagram, to show his incredible juggling skills.

ronaldo-sleepingThe video showed Ronaldo sleeping in a bed with a CR7 bed cover on it and the room was full of pictures of the Real Madrid star.

Open your eyes @dwyanewade this is how I wake up ? #raiseit

A video posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

He woke up a ball came flying from the corner of the room. Ronaldo took full control of the ball with his head before juggling it with the help of his shoulders, knees and his head. And while flaunting his juggling skills he was only in his underwear.

ronaldo-jugglingAfter a short juggling session, he stopped the ball before firing a shot into the corner.

small-goal-post-ronaldoThe ball went flying through an open door before bouncing off the wall and found the nets of a small goal set up in the balcony.

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