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Arijon Ibrahimovic, Bayern Munich’s prodigy is in the news for making the Champions League squad against Manchester City. Although the Bavarian giants failed to pull off a memorable upset, there was excitement among the fanbase due to the inclusion of the highly-rated wonderkid in the squad.

Arijon Ibrahimovic has an iconic surname and has the talent to back it up. But is he related to Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Arijon Ibrahimovic related to Zlatan?

The answer is no. Despite sharing the same iconic surname, Arijon Ibrahimovic is in no way related to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic is a fairly common surname which comes from Bosnia. Literally, it means “Son of Ibrahim”, the Arabic name of the prophet Abraham.

Born to Albanian parents from Kosovo, Arijon Ibrahimovic was born in Germany. He has gone on to make appearances for the German youth teams- U16, U17 and U18. He qualifies to play for Germany through his birth, while he is also eligible to play for Kosovo and Albania.

However, it is unlikely he chooses either. The playmaking midfielder has shown enough in his nascent career so far to prove that at his best, he can contribute regularly for Germany.

Arijon’s lineage and birth are different from Zlatan’s. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was born in Malmo, Sweden and has represented his country of birth throughout his career. Zlatan got the surname because his father was a Bosniak Muslim, a population where Ibrahimovic is a fairly common surname.

Famous people with Ibrahimovic surname

Arijon Ibrahimovic is the latest talented youngster with the surname Ibrahimovic. Aside from him and Zlatan, there have been many famous personalities who share the same surname. Here are some-

  • Edin Ibrahimovic is an Austrian football player of Bosnian descent.
  • Haris Ibrahimovic- Finnish football player of Bosniak descent.
  • Nermin Ibrahimovic- Serbian professional footballer.
  • Sanel Ibrahimovic- Professional footballer from Bosnia.
  • Miralem Ibrahimovic- Bosnian former professional footballer.

Besides these people, there have been many writers, politicians, and journalists with the same nickname.

Ibrahimovic is a surname which is not very common in the wider world, but in its own area, it is fairly prevalent.

Can Arijon Ibrahimovic keep the shining legacy of this surname alive? Only time will tell. However, the wunderkind definitely has the talent to do it.

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