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Stamford Bridge has witnessed a season full of turbulence and thunderstorms. Frank Lampard, the manager for most parts of the season, couldn’t take his team through the storm.

Pressure from the fans, participation in and then withdrawal from the European Super League, and waves of protests around the Bridge turned out to be a wake-up call. Lampard was relieved of his duties and a new manager took over the Stamford Bridge hot seat. Thomas Tuchel was now in charge of the Chelsea ship and he had to guide the Blues.



A runners-up FA Cup medal, a top-4 spot, and a UEFA Champions League final is enough to say that Tuchel surely has changed the ways at Chelsea. But with a new campaign coming up he’ll have to go fishing in the transfer market to fill up some required spots.



But the biggest problem at Chelsea is that they let go of their homegrown talents and are always willing to spend big bucks for international players.

If the reports are to be believed 2 more Chelsea products, Tammy Abraham and Fikaya Tomori could be shown the door this summer.



Barcelona last campaign sold Luis Suarez who was deemed too old by the club. The Uruguayan lifted the La Liga trophy this weekend outshining the Catalan club and eventually having the last laugh. Chelsea’s situation is somewhat identical to the situation at Camp Nou when it comes to transfers.

Remember when Kevin De bruyne, Mo Salah, and Romelu Lukaku were all bursting onto the scene. All of them had a shot at Chelsea where they failed miserably and the English club never gave them a second chance. In the blink of an eye, they were transferred to different clubs across Europe. And the whole world is witness to what happened next.



Whenever Chelsea face Manchester City or Liverpool, the fans at Stamford Bridge just pray that their ex-players don’t bite them in their back. Chelsea usually have a very different transfer window plan and they rarely give their players a second chance.

Except for Mason Mount, there are only a few players who have made a huge name for themselves. Not to forget that Mount had Lampard’s backing, and the ex-Chelsea boss gave the youngster numerous chances to redeem himself.

Tammy Abraham could be kicked out of Chelsea in this transfer window and Fikaya Tomori might also attract interests from other clubs.



If the reports are to be believed Tammy Abraham could be sent to West Ham or be included in a swap deal to Spurs if they are ready to send Harry Kanethe other way. Abraham has had a few decent outings for Chelsea since his debut in 2016. With 4 goals in the FA Cup, he was Chelsea’s highest goalscorer but Tuchel left him out for the final of the FA Cup.

This made the fans, pundits, and even Abraham’s representatives question this decision and they weren’t wrong. Chelsea went on to lose the all-important match as Tuchel’s tactics came under scrutiny.



But Abraham and Timori will inevitably be on top of the list of players going out of the club. And it’s a result of just one disappointing season under their managers.



Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah have both won the Premier League with their respective clubs since they departed from Stamford Bridge. Lukaku is busy bashing goals and winning titles in Italy.

The funny part is Chelsea could have easily had the services of these players. De Bruyne could have been serving the perfect balls for the running Mo Salah and Lukaku and they could have won titles for fun.

And interestingly Chelsea have faltered against their big-six rivals too whom they sold their youngsters to. And that’s where the other clubs have had an extra advantage.

You would rarely see the Red Devils or the Gunners let go of their youngsters because of one disappointing season. Teams tend to send their players on loan and then boost their roster once they are back. Mason Greenwood turned out to be a revelation last season but this season he’s changed into a complete beast.



Chelsea’s front-three are all foreign players who were never a part of Chelsea’s youth academy. N’golo Kante and Jorginho are also from different parts of the world.

Imagine Tammy Abraham scoring a 90th-minute winner against the Blues at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup final playing for West Ham or Spurs.



Fikayo Tomori who’s linked to a move to Italy might stop Chelsea from scoring a goal in the Champions League and Chelsea might get knocked out.
These scenarios might seem far-fetched but are not only just dreams. Chelsea need to realize that they should preserve their talent rather than throwing them into the far end.




Though Tuchel might have to off-load some of his players from his roster, letting go of the academy players might not be the best option. Tammy Abraham might be pivotal and could act as a secondary to Timo Werner. And with Azpilicueta reaching the twilight of his career, Tomori could also be crucial for Chelsea’s backline. Thomas Tuchel still has time to realize that the summer transfer window is very close and he could still stop these transfers from going through.

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