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The Noisy Neighbours

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Manchester United vs Manchester City is no longer a footnote in Manchester United’s schedule. If anything, the latter’s rise post their takeover, combined with United’s decline post-Sir Alex sometimes made it so this game was sometimes a footnote for Manchester City. It wasn’t long ago that City were looked down upon by their more historically prestigious rivals. A great example of that is a nickname given to Manchester City- The Noisy Neighbours. So, why are Manchester City called “Noisy Neighbours”? Here’s the interesting story behind it.

Why are Manchester City called Noisy Neighbours? 

The year is 2009. Manchester City are still scratching and clawing for relevance as they start to make a name for themselves among the elites after the takeover.

Just then, in the summer transfer window, an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself. Carlos Tevez, a crucial part of United’s winning machine, is looking for a way out.

Armed with cash due to the takeover, and eager to land a blow on their biggest rivals, Manchester City completed one of the most contentious transfers of all time.

Carlos Tevez joins Manchester City and a banner hangs in celebration, which reads- “Welcome to Manchester”, implying that Tevez was now joining the “real” club in Manchester.

Naturally, Sir Alex Ferguson was seething. He wouldn’t forget this slight.

Fast forward to September 20, 2009. Manchester United are facing Manchester City in the first derby of the season. Michael Owen scores a brilliant stoppage-time winner as Red Devils take the honours in a thrilling 4-3 win. Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t miss this opportunity to take it to their rivals.

Brushing aside Manchester City’s competitiveness, he stressed that United’s season is not contingent on how they perform against Manchester City. He said,

“At the moment, we have a neighbour, and sometimes, the neighbours are noisy. You can’t do anything about them, you gotta go on with your life”. 

Here’s the video of the iconic interview in full:

And there it was. In a moment of poker-faced gloating, Sir Alex Ferguson coined the nickname “Noisy Neighbours” for Manchester City.

He wouldn’t stop there. In 2011, in the build-up to the Community Shield game, he once again called out The Cityzens. He didn’t refer to the club by its name. They were again called “The Noisy Neighbours”.

In the years since, the name has stuck. As Manchester City gloat in their glories and revel in United’s struggles, calling Manchester City “Noisy Neighbours” has become the go-to for United fans.

On the other hand, Manchester City fans now claim that United are the noisy neighbours, as City are more accomplished both, domestically and in Europe, over the last decade.

Vatsal Gupta
A die-hard Red Devil, who has straight up not had a good time since 2012. Lives on Korean dramas and books and can often be heard talking about armchair psychological stuff.

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