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Pep’s £2 Billion Quadruple Bid

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Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City side this season, are well on course to create history. On the pitch, an unprecedented Quadruple is on the cards and off the pitch, they are about to smash the highest wage bill.

We know that pep is a perfectionist. He craves for the best in everything and in today’s world, the best doesn’t come cheap. We are gonna try to break down how the Spaniard is setting new standards.


Manchester City are runaway league leaders this season. The way they have reacted to losing the title last season is incredible. First, they acted smartly in the transfer market by signing a center- back.

Ruben Dias became came in and fixed the defence instantly. John stones stepped out of the dark and formed a solid bond with Dias at the back. Joao Cancelo has redefined the full-back role and has become an attacking threat. Phil Foden and Kevin de Bruyne dovetailed wonderfully and didn’t make David Silva’s absence felt. Jesus and Aguero when they were available made their presence felt. Wingers Raheem Sterling and Riyadh Mahrez have often played as strikers and did the job to perfection.

As a result, City have been unstoppable. They were on a 15 game winning streak that effectively sealed the title. One more Carabao cup is up for the taking as they have a final date booked with Tottenham Hotspurs. Two more games separate them from adding FA cup to the trophy cabinet. Champions League is the one trophy Pep and City both want the most. This time they are the favorites to win it. If not now, there might not be a better chance. All these factors make Manchester city a strong contender for the quadruple.


It’s hard to believe but yeah Manchester city have spent £900 million on transfers alone, Pep Guardiola is blessed with resources. He has the full backing of City Football Group and never hesitates to buy a player if he has to. When Guardiola first took over Manchester City he had to do a rebuild. He dipped into the market and started a spending spree that runs to date. He identifies a target, buys him and makes him a world-class talent.

City’s spending particularly on defence in pep’s era has exceeded the Military Budgets of few European countries. According to the latest available data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), a think tank dedicated to research into conflict and disarmament, City have outpaced El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago, Senegal, Chad, and Guatemala with the purchase of Laporte alone.

Apart from the massive transfer fees, City’s wage bill is a whopping one. City have already recorded a wage bill of £351.4 million last season which was an all-time high. This time around with player bonuses and contract clauses to be paid it, they are well on their way to smash it. Kevin de Bruyne who has recently renewed his contract is rumored to be earning around 385K per week.


All these factors have led to the Manchester City spending around £2 billion under Pep Guardiola.


There’s no doubt that pep spends a fortune. But spending money alone doesn’t guarantee success. Take a look at Chelsea. After a summer of £200 million spend they’re barely fighting for champions league qualification. In that regard, Pep can be given due credit. Every time he spends, there’s a meaning. The player that comes in definitely helps the club and himself. He also lifts the levels of players under him. Raheem Sterling is a prime example.

All in all, Pep Guardiola assembled the most expensive squad in the history of the game and is duly delivering titles with it and on his way to making more history. Although now that Pep has lost the UCL final to Tuchel’s Chelsea it will be interesting to see Manchester City’s transfer business in the summer.

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