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Gamble on the biggest stage

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The FIFA World Cup is not only the most popular tournament around the world, which half the world watches, but it also garners a substantial amount of sports betting.

While the world cup is thrilling, football lovers tend to spice it up more by engaging in sports betting. Major sporting platforms offer heavy bonuses and rewards to attract new players. For instance, you can use the WynnBet Sportsbook promotions to utilize hefty welcome bonuses while registering for WynnBet.

However, as exciting sports betting might sound, anything involving gambling and money has risks. Therefore, you must have a basic understanding of the tournament before you jump into placing a bet on your favourite team.

What types of World Cup bets can You make?


The Moneyline is one of the simplest bets a sports bettor can make. Every sportsbook supports this prop.

It is just gambling terminology for predicting who will win a match outright. Moneylines are a popular form of betting to load up on while placing parlay bets and being among the most classic wagers you may place.

Three-way Moneyline

A three-way Moneyline does not appear in every sport. In fact, you only see it in a few sports, and football is one of them. This is because three-way Moneyline bets allow you to wager on the game ending in a tie.

In North American sports such as the NBA, MLB, and NHL, games will go into overtime as long as necessary to declare a winner. In the case of the NHL, a shootout will occur after overtime.

Ties are possible in the NFL, but they are scarce. Ties, on the other hand, are far more prevalent in soccer. This is your ideal sports betting prop if you feel a game will result in a tie.


Betting on the spread is another incredibly popular type of sports betting. The spread in sports betting is the number of goals that separate the two teams by the game’s conclusion.

Understanding spread odds betting can be a little puzzling, especially if you’re new to this. However, it’s not too tricky once you’ve gained some experience.

If you wager on a favourite football side with a spread of 1.5, then you believe they will win by a minimum of two goals. Whereas, you think they will win by at least a goal if their spread is 1.0.

However, suppose you choose the underdog with a spread of +2.5. In that case, you can win the wager if the underdog defeats the favourite or loses by two goals or fewer.

You will lose the bet if the inferior team has a spread of 1.0 and ends up losing by two goals.


Totals represent the ultimate typical level of sports betting. This is precisely how it sounds. You’re betting on a game’s total aggregate amount of goals tallied.

This betting form is sometimes called an over/under wager. If a match has an over/under of 2.5 goals, you can gamble that they will score more or less than 2.5 goals. Like the other types of wagers discussed above, these props can be wagered on as live bets with live odds if desired.

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