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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular and highly-anticipated sporting events in the world of football worldwide. This international quadrennial championship pits together senior national teams from FIFA and is set to take place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022. It will be the first time the event will be held in the Arab world and the second time that the World Cup will be held entirely in Asia.

Aside from the games, many fans also look forward to betting on the matches. Bettors and bookmakers, like ProTipster, are already starting to prepare for the big event. If you’re new to betting on the FIFA World Cup or if you would like to improve your odds of winning a stake, here are five tips to guide your FIFA betting strategy.

Start looking at the favourites

Many bookmakers have already given their odds on the championship winner. Brazil is currently leading the bookies’ favourites. Despite the 20-year drought from winning the cup, bookmakers are backing Brazil to win this year due to the team’s impressive recent performance. However, will Brazil finally bag the cup this time?

It’s time for you to start analysing favourites and see what bookies are seeing to make winning bets. Overall, it starts with proper research. So, start taking the time to learn about the teams, fixtures, and other factors to watch out for to plan your bets.

Learn about the different betting markets

Although the FIFA World Cup is only held once every four years, bookmakers offer several betting markets that you can choose from. These betting markets include a match result bet, goal-based market bet, and goalscorer market. Learning about each one will help you narrow down the type of bet that works for you and offers good returns.

A match result bet, or a moneyline bet, offers the most straightforward type of bet you can make. This type of bet focuses on the winner of the game and allows you to choose between three options: Team A, Team B, and a Draw. 

Meanwhile, goal-based market bets include types of bets that focus on the goals scored in a game. Examples of goal-based bets are Over/Under Total Goals, Over/Under Team Goals, Both Teams to Score, Total Goals Brackets, and Exact Total Goals. Consider betting one or more of these bets as these are very profitable when betting on the World Cup.

Finally, goalscorer market bets offer some of the most exciting wagers to make, and it includes three main bets. First Goalscorer allows you to predict which player scores a goal first in a match. Next, Anytime Goalscorer allows you to bet on a player to score a goal at any time during a game. Lastly, the Last Goalscorer focuses on the last player to score the last goal of the match. It’s a tricky and risky bet to make, but an exciting and rewarding wager to stake.

Take advantage of futures and outrights

The three main futures and outrights in the FIFA World Cup include the World Cup Winner, Golden Boot Winner, and Group Winner. The World Cup Winner allows you to bet on the overall champion. The odds are attractive for this type of bet as many teams fight for the trophy. As it’s difficult to predict the winner, bettors can either wager on one nation or spread their bets on multiple countries to make a sizeable profit.

Another betting favourite is the Golden Boot or Top Goalscorer bet. Many opt for this bet since you can stake a small amount but win a hefty profit. Bettors only need to choose a player and back them to finish the Cup with the most goals. When looking for Golden Boot favourites, it pays to ask if a player has favourable group games, if the team might go far in the games, if the player is on penalty kick duty, and if a player has a good international record.

Lastly, the Group Winner allows you to wager on the winner of each group. Take note that each group has clear favourites, but it also pays to root for the underdogs. Pay attention to groups with good value and learn to spot potential upsets to make profitable wagers during the World Cup.

Avoid common mistakes in football betting

Unfortunately, beginner and experienced punters can make the same mistakes over and over again. One way to increase your chances of winning a bet is to avoid making common betting mistakes. For one, start by making realistic bets and goals. Some punters can be greedy as they always want high returns. However, remember that you always lose more in gambling, so set a practical and achievable stake and goal to minimise risks.

Another common mistake some bettors make is that they use bad betting sites and betting tips. Always use reliable football betting tips, and place bets on legitimate bookmakers, especially when betting online. This ensures that you get data-based tips and prevents you from falling into online betting scams. Overall, manage your budget properly and rely on credible sources to make well-informed bets.

Get your head in the game starting today

With only two months away, it’s time to start researching and strategising for the FIFA World Cup. Having a proper betting plan will help improve your chances of receiving great profits and prevent you from overspending and losing more than you can afford. Use the tips above and keep up with the latest news to prepare yourself for the upcoming games.

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