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Twitter Reacts To Mike The Dean Of ‘Super Sunday’

With no big match, it was a expected to be a dull day for the Premier League, but referee Mike Dean took it upon himself to add the extra-spice in Sunday’s football.

Watford beat Middlesborough 1-0, while Burnley were a pushover for Southampton. But the main attraction was still the Monday night’s battle of the mammoths ‘ vs ’.Mike Dean

Just when it looked like Sunday’s Premier League action will end on a disappointing note – Dean took to stage.

Dean is a polarizing figure some say, well yes, if making every single fan from every single club hate you is polarizing then YES Mike Dean is polarizing.

Dean made two hilarious penalty decisions in Southampton’s win over Burnley and as expected Twitter exploded.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions.

Mike Dean Mike Dean Mike Dean Mike Dean Mike Dean Mike Dean

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