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Different Color of Poker Chips Reveal a Different Story

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All casinos and poker rooms big or small around the world uses poker chips in lieu of money. It has become traditions that wager place their bet in chips instead of currency. You can even purchase personalized poker chips depicting a certain picture or symbol as a collector`s item. Poker chips come in different colors, and each color represents a specific amount. In olden times in place of poker chips, gold nuggets, coins, bones, and clay materials were used. From the 1930s, poker chips were widely recognized and used in poker rooms. Materials used to make poker chips were various like; clay, metal, plastic, or acrylic. Poker chips are the only form of currency accepted in poker rooms around the world. You can use poker chips to play other casino games like; roulette, slot, poker, or other card and table games.

Different color depicts the different value

Most poker chips are embossed with the logo of the concerned casino. You cannot play any casino games without poker chips, but as you step out of the parlor, it has no worth. As stated above, different color of poker chips represents different monetary value. Usually, white chips are $0.5 to $1 worth; pink chips depict a worth of $2 to $2.50, red chips are of $5 worth. In-state of California $5 is represented by a yellow color chip. Blue chips have worth $10, but again in California, $10 is represented by a brown chip. In the City of Atlanta, yellow chips have a value of $20; green poker chips deemed to be $25.California always has its own set o riles regarding poker chips; over here, purple chips have worth $25.A black chip is of the highest value, which stands at $100, whereas in California, it is represented by a white one. Globally purple chips have a worth of $500, and orange shades have a value of $1,000. The grey chips are worth $1,000. Different poker rooms and states may not stick to these basic guidelines of poker chips. To know more about poker chips, log onto the Siam Lotto game.

History of poker chip

Money has been represented by some forms or shapes throughout the history of gambling. There were symbols used in gambling, even in the early days of the 1800s.In the Wild West, stamped pieces made of bone, ivory, or clay were used as chips in their in house gambling. From the 1880s, customized chips appeared in commercial casinos. To give it a distinctive look, they were carefully designed to make them particular to a betting entity. Each casino has its own poker chips having different color, texture, and logo imprinted in it, making it impossible to counterfeit it. A chip, which is the currency of a casino, is primarily used to create a trivial mental separation between gamblers his valuable money. In the spur of the moment, the wager thinks he is betting with plastic chips, not with his hard-earned valuable money. As you are betting with chips, there are fewer inhibitions taking a bigger bet, bigger risk.

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