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TOP 10 Footballers Prominent For Their Charitable Side

Football is a sport of passion, love, respect and money. There is no denying the fact that football is among the most popular and loved games in the world. Footballers earn a lot of money as well and while some may accuse it of causing greed but many footballers have contributed a lot to the society through charities.

Here are 10 footballers who are known for their charitable side.

10. Michael Essien

The former Ghanaian national team player and ’s favorite midfielder is one of the top charitable footballers. The “Michael Essien Foundation” started by the player is known to provide basic necessities such as health care facilities, clean drinking water, public toilets and libraries in his hometown.


Ozil charity

The and German national team player Mesut Ozil did one of the most generous things when he donated his World Cup earnings, i.e. 237,000 pounds to the World Cup host nation to fund the surgery of 23 Brazillian children.

8. Gareth Barry

After getting acquainted with the charity Foundation Sun and Happiness who provide support to the poor and sick youngsters, Everton midfielder Gareth Barry donated his luxurious Villa in to the foundation in 2011 in order to provide accommodation to the kids.

7. David Beckham

One of the popular footballers ever, David Beckham is a part of many charities apart from his own Trust alongside with Victoria Beckham named as Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust. He is also an avid supporter of a charity campaign to help injured Army personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

6. Didier Drogba

The ex- forward Didier Drogba’s plea to support Ivory Coast in the 2006 World Cup ended a 5-year-old civil war in his country. He was included in TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2010.


The brand ambassador of UNICEF, Lionel Messi is prominent for his charitable deeds. He has been an active participant in the Reach Out To Asia campaign which helps less privileged children in Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia.


Ronaldo charity work
Cristiano Ronaldo is the top charitable football player in today’s time. As an acknowledgment towards his charitable work, Ronaldo was awarded the Athletes Gone Good Award for most charity work. He is also known for paying $83,000 for the surgery of 10-year-old.


Balotelli might be in news most of the times for all the wrong reasons, but he truly is a generous footballer in today’s times. Known as ‘Super Mario’ among his fans, he donates half of his salary to various charities.

2. Dirk Kuyt

Dirk kyut charity work
The former player, Dirk Kuyt is known for running his own Foundation “Dirk Kuyt Foundation” which aims to help the children in his native Country Holland as well as in Brazil, Nepal and Ghana since 2006.

1. Craig Bellamy

Craig Bellamy and the boys from his Sierra Leone foundation at the Right to Dream academy near Accra in Ghana, West Africa. (Photograph by
The Premier League star runs his own Craig Bellamy Foundation, which provides education to young minds along with training them for football and has donated 1.4 million pounds of his own earnings in Sierra-Leone to start the foundation.

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