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Chelsea Vs Man City Tunnel Row Was Sparked By Insulting ‘We f***** You Up The A***’ Taunt

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Current League Leaders Chelsea and Man City are at war of words over their furious tunnel bust-up.

In a high-octane clash where Chelsea outplayed Man City, the rival benches were all heated up at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night – that took shape of a furious bust-up afterwards.

Chelsea maintained their 7-point lead at the top of the Premier League table as Eden Hazard scored twice in the first half as they saw off City at Stamford Bridge.

Aguero pulled one back for Guardiola’s side but they failed to clinch the much needed equaliser as their last hope in the title race disappeared once and for all.

Man City manager Guardiola was a highly animated character all throughout the game – with his coaching staff involved in heated up arguments with those in the opposition bench and it turned worse when those involved entered the tunnel.

Reports had stated that the Stewards had to come in between to stop the furious bust-up between Guardiola, and City personnel and Chelsea coaches – but by then Blues boss Antonio Conte had already reached their dressing room.

Fitness coach Paolo Bertelli continued the argument as the teams and coaching staff entered the tunnel. He was involved in a verbal rant with opposition’s masseur Mark Sertori and things got out of control.

However, the Blues hierarchy have now rubbished claims that fitness coach Paolo Bertelli had launched a furious verbal attack at Man City’s staff after their crucial 2-1 win over Guardiola’s side.

Sources claimed that Bertelli had chanted, ‘We f****d you up the a***’ in Italian – and it is understood that City’s masseur, Mark Sertori, who enjoys a dual nationality, could understand every single word.

A Chelsea spokesman who was present in the tunnel during the bust-up said: “That is utter nonsense, he said nothing of the sort.”

Man City staff also claimed that Bertelli had aimed obscene hand gestures towards the opposition bench.

Sources reveal that Chelsea have the entire footage of the bust-up but there has been no confirmation whether the video has sound as well.

Meanwhile Chelsea insiders have claimed that 6ft 2in Sertori instigated Bertelli for a fight outside, to settle their disagreement.

According to reports, Guardiola had already reached the stairs towards the dressing room but rushed back to get involved again.

He lost his temper and out of frustration he shouted at Chelsea coaches before stewards rushed at the scene to bring things under control.

It has been reported there that there were no pushing and shoving and none threw punches, but a source described the incident as a “huge commotion” – much serious an affair than the normal post-match tussles.

After the initial heated exchange, Guardiola and his coaching staff waited outside the dressing room and refused to go in until Bertelli was forced to leave by the stewards, according to reports.

But it is understood that all was cool between the rival managers, who parted on good terms before Man City left the Stamford Bridge.

In his post-match interviews, Guardiola admitted that City are now out of the title race while Chelsea’s victory has helped them to remain 7 points ahead of second placed Spurs.

However, last night Guardiola aimed a veiled dig at the Blues.

And Guardiola sniped: “We congratulate Chelsea for the victory — we are so polite in our defeats. And especially we are so polite when we win.”

“Being polite when you win, that’s important.”

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