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In the end, despite having so many attacking stars on the pitch, it was Ilkay Gundogan and his two goals that helped Manchester City beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final and keep their hopes for a European treble alive. Though heavily dominated by City, the game saw both sides having chances to score.

However, amidst all the celebrations, Ilkay Gundogan managed to etch his name in history by scoring the fastest goal in the final of the FA Cup. This goal gave City an early grip on the game, and although United levelled through a penalty after Jack Grealish handed the ball, the German was once again on the job scoring from outside the box, with the hapless David de Gea only managing to get a finger on it.

So, what are the fastest goals in the FA Cup final?

Ilkay Gundogan Manchester City vs Manchester United, 2023, 13 seconds 

Manchester City were already the favourites going into the 2023 FA Cup final against city rivals Manchester United. And it took them only 13 seconds to show that. City’s cup goalkeeper Stephen Ortega kicked the ball high up the ball field. Victor Lindelof cleared the ball only as far as Gundogan, who took a first-time shot into the top right corner.

City ended up winning the game 2-1, with Gundogan scoring another, and though he added a third, he was ruled offside.

Louis Saha, Everton vs Chelsea, 2009, 25 seconds

The second-fastest goal in a FA Cup final which had the record for 14 years before Gundogan broke it, was scored by Louis Saha in 2009. In the final, Chelsea faced Everton for the title. And the Toffees made an incredible start as Louis Saha scored in the 25th second of the game.

From the left, Leighton Baines started an attack passing the ball to Steven Pienaar, whose cross into the box was not cleared by Chelsea defenders after two tries. The ball then ended with the ball ending at Saha’s feet, who conjured a powerful shot past Petr Cech.

However, Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard would score to turn the tie and help Chelsea win the title.

Bob Chatt, Aston Villa vs West Brom, 1895, 30 seconds

If Louis Saha’s record stood for 14 years, the one before that stood for an amazing 114 years. In the 1895 FA Cup final, Aston Villa faced West Bromwich Albion, and Bob Chatt only took 30 seconds to open the scoring.

This shocked the opposition, who failed to respond, which meant that Chatt’s goal turned out to be the winner.

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Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea vs Middlesbrough, 1997, 45 seconds

In the 1997 FA Cup final, Chelsea faced Middlesbrough for the title. Chelsea were considered the favourites, and it took only 465 seconds to prove why. Chelsea captain Dennis Wise won the ball near the halfway line before quickly passing the ball to Roberto Di Matteo, who took the ball near the goal line. Still, more than 40 yards away from the goal, he saw Middlesbrough keeper Ben Roberts off the line and unleashed a powerful shot that found its way over the shot-stopper before clipping the bar and going inside the goal.

Already under pressure, Middlesbrough found themselves even more stunned, unable to respond. Midfielder Eddie Newton would add the second goal in the 83rd minute to put the result beyond doubt.

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