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Another cheater!

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A report by MailOnline has revealed that an England player who plays in the Premier League is the latest cheating footballer who hooked up with a woman he met on Instagram. After several sexual escapades, he paid the woman £20,000 in “hush money” to buy her silence after she fell pregnant and had to have an abortion.

Here’s all you need to know about the latest cheating footballer in a list that is concerningly becoming ever-growing:

Latest cheating footballer: All you need to know

As per MailOnline, the unnamed English player first got in touch with the woman, an Instagram influencer, by privately messaging her. They went on a date at a London strip club and their first sexual encounter followed.

The relationship began in January 2019. The first date was on January 16, when the couple went to Platinum Lace strip club in London.

MailOnline revealed that as many as six sexual encounters took place between the two before the woman dropped the bombshell on the cheating footballer.

In late 2021, the woman phoned him to inform that she had fallen pregnant. The cheating footballer immediately left training as he “felt sick”. After discussions, the pair agreed on an abortion. The footballer sent a friend of his to accompany the women to the clinic and the process was carried out as agreed last January.

MailOnline revealed that the couple have never met since. Fearing for his personal life becoming public and foreseeing rocky times in his marriage, the cheating footballer then proceeded to pay the woman £20,000 as “hush money”. The woman agreed to keep her silence on the affair.

A source of MailOnline revealed:

“He is married and has children and he was clearly scared about how it would affect his family if it all ever came out.

He has been smart paying her off as she can never reveal his name. She got £20,000 which isn’t going to hurt him when you think about how much these guys earn every week.”

Cheating footballers: A growing concern

Last year, another unnamed English player was caught cheating as he spent upwards of £55,000 on an escort after becoming infatuated with her. It was not the first time the player was caught cheating and his partner then kicked him out of the house for a few days.

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It has been an unfortunate spell of incidents relating to English footballers in recent times. Jack Grealish and Aaron Wan-Bissaka were charged with crimes related to driving- overspeeding or crashing. Kyle Walker came under hot water during COVID for flouting the regulations and arranging a party.

Much more heinous allegations were levied on Mason Greenwood, as he was accused of rape, sexual assault, and more. His playing status remains unclear.

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