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Football is undoubtedly the biggest sport in the world. Every year a huge amount of money is being invested into the development of football. As much as there are the highest paid footballers who are being astronomical figures to play for a club, there are also the highest-paid managers which manage some of the biggest clubs of the world.

Managers of football play a significant role to play in the performance of the team. They decide on the strategy and the roles of every participant in the team. They ensure that the team is working as a whole. It motivates players to become better and improve their game daily.

A manager’s job is one of the various responsibilities as he is the first one to be questioned if a team suffers defeat. A manager needs to be much more organised than players and always look for solutions to various problems thus making the job extremely complex. All these power and responsibilities also bring in huge sums of money. Some of the managers who are leading the finest clubs in the world are getting paid a hefty amount of salary for their efforts. These are the highest paid football managers right now.


1. Diego Simeone – €34million

It might come as a surprise to some to witness Diego Simeone at the top of the list of the highest-paid football managers in the world. The Argentinian has been Atletico Madrid manager ever since he took over in 2011.

The former River Plate manager is more or less earning twice as much as his colleague Carlo Ancelotti. His salary is estimated to be $40m per year.

Diego, the highest-paid coach in the world, has a net worth of €40.5 million and has a success rate of 60% as Atletico Madrid’s Manager. He is considered to be the main reason for the resurgence of Atletico Madrid as a competitive club in the Spanish League and Europe.


2. Pep Guardiola – €22million

Regarded as one of the best footballing coaches in the world right now, he has been phenomenal for his Manchester side. It will be right to say that under him Manchester City have become a real contender for not only English titles but also European titles – although they are yet to win one.

His tactical brilliance has a cost and for this, he gets around 1.89 million euros a month which would be around 22 million euros annually. After having the best time at Barcelona and a successful one at Bayern, Guardiola looked for a challenge and moved to Manchester. He has told multiple times that his goal is to make City the European Champions, easy to say for a man who has won the Premier four times in a duration of six years.

3. Jurgen Klopp – €18million

Klopp is one of the world’s best managers right now. The plan he uses during his matches is quite unique and unorthodox. Through his plans, he paved the way for his club Liverpool to its first Premier League title in 2020 and Champions League victory in 2019.

The German holds the third position on the list of the highest-paid football managers. The net worth of Klopp is over €24 million. His success rate as Liverpool club manager is 60%. He is on a contract that pays him 18 million per year and runs till 2026.

4. Massimiliano Allegri – €12.8million

Juventus pay a hefty amount of money for a man who has been one of the main reason, for the Old Lady’s success in the 21st century. He has provided Juventus with five Serie A titles and four Coppa Italia.

Along with this, he has also led Juventus to two champions League finals both times he was defeated by two Spanish giants Barcelona and then Real Madrid. A domestic double that is the league title and Cup is a very common thing for Allegri as he has won it four times. His managing highlights with Juventus reflect the Italian dominance.


5. Thomas Tuchel – €12million

Newly appointed Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel has broken into the top five of this list. He was sacked in 2022 following a disastrous start to the campaign at his former club Chelsea. But he was not unemployed for long as the Bavarian giants came calling, to make him one of the highest-paid football managers in the world.


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