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Vidal Pulls Off This Insane Beach Trick-Shot That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Arturo Vidal pulled off an amazing stunt when he scored this wonder goal while holidaying on a beach.

The Chilean is enjoying time off from he pitch as is on a winter break, but that didn’t keep the 29-year-old away from football.Arturo Vidal

Vidal was out on a beach but couldn’t resist the temptation to kick a ball and maybe show-off his skills.

The midfielder dribbled the ball a little before kicking it onto a corner from where it deflected and ended up in the barrel.

La calidad no se pierde ni en vacaciones!!!??✌?️✌?✌? jajajajajaajja???

A video posted by Arturo Vidal (@kingarturo23oficial) on

When he hit the ball, it went off target and hit the pavement and people groaned in disappointment but quickly the groans turned into applause as they learnt that Arturo Vidal doesn’t miss.

The ball jumped from the pavement and ended up in the barrel.

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