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Peppy Way: Conte Bans Tomato Ketchup, Pizza & More At Chelsea

Conte Chelsea 1

New boss has set up a strict nutritional chart for his players which will prevent them from consuming tomato ketchup, pizza and fizzy drinks, according to sources.

Chelsea’s three week pre-season campaign saw them playing against AC , and and the entire squad is expected to resume training on Thursday.

After their return to Stamford Brigde, the players will no longer have the liberty to consume junk foods as Antonio Conte looks forward to improve the fitness level of his players before the upcoming campaign.

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Previous blues managers, including and Carlo Ancelotti had earlier allowed the players to consume pizza after the 90 minute action on the pitch but new manager Conte has now abolished all such products which can pose a threat to his players’ fitness levels, in the long run.

Some immediate changes that the players would also notice in the Chelsea canteen also include the ban on vinegar. According to Conte’s instructions, vinegar will be replaced by balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

However, no change has been made in the regular meals and it is believed that they will remain the same as before but the new boss also instructed the canteen to shift their focus from a carbohydrate-dominated meals before the match and in its place the Italian has prescribed a protein and fat-rich diet.

The pre-match food for players will now consist of chicken and salad as Conte has said no to Cereals, eggs and pasta.

Conte Chelsea 3

The all over change in diet is an integral part Conte’s plan for the upcoming season as he wants all his players to step up their fitness levels before the upcoming season. At first a tough training regime and now a stricter nutritional plan indicates that Conte wants to make an immediate impact in his debut Premier League campaign.

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