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MSN Anniversary: Not Even BBC Can Match The Most Lethal Strikeforce In Europe

Today is the day which marks a 2 year anniversary of the deadly attacking trio of (MSN).

msnMessi, Suarez and (MSN) played their first match together against 2 years back. scored the opener only to see his side fall to a 3-1 defeat.

Goals In Europe Since MSN Debut:

Barcelona- 367 goals

Real Madrid- 296 goals

Paris Saint-Germain- 270 goals

MSN- 264 goals

- 248 goals

The dominance of the attacking trident has been on a rise since that day as MSN have contributed to 264 goals to the club’s tally of 367 till date in all competitions.

msn-trainingThe MSN have also beaten competition from rivals Bale, Benzema and Cristiano by quite a margin which saw them outscore clubs such as German champions Bayern Munich.

Only (270 goals) and Real Madrid (296 goals) have more goals than the South Americans. With contributing the most to the partnership (104 goals and 47 assists).

The partnership is on fire at the start of the following season as stats compare them that to of the Real Madrid frontline:

Bale, Benzema and have scored 12 goals (7 assists) in 30 appearances for the club.

msn-togetherWhereas Messi, Neymar and have already reached a 30 goal margin (16 assists) among themselves in a total of 34 appearances.

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