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Just 365 Days To Go: 10 Things That Could Happen In FIFA World Cup 2018

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The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup in 2018, will be hosted in Russia from June 14 to July 15 and will see an interesting clash from some of the best national sides from around the world.

Here are 10 things that will surely happen in the 2018 World Cup:

[espl_dropcap]10[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] The opening ceremony will feature a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding into the stadium on a horse, a move which will prove so popular that organisers will insist it happens before every game[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]9[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] Fans will be repeatedly confused about kick-off times because there are ELEVEN different time zones in Russia[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]8[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] Donald Trump will cause controversy by insisting he lines up front and centre for every single pre-match USA team photo[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]7[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″]  The second round clash between the USA and Russia will finish in a 9-8 win for the US. Later, Trump will assure us that the scoreline wasn’t hacked[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]6[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″]  If Brazil face Germany in the semi-finals, they WON’T finish 7-1 (we’re pretty confident about this one)[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]5[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] Everyone will moan about there being a third-place playoff[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]4[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] Gary Lineker will say the phrase “and now for the latest from the England camp” at least 27 times a day, even after England have gone out[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]3[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] Official World Cup mascot Zabivaka (seen here on the left) will be instantly forgotten soon after the opening ceremony[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]2[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] Putin will insist he’s picked to start upfront in one of Russia’s games[/espl_heading]

[espl_dropcap]1[/espl_dropcap][espl_heading size=”14″] And of course, England will go out in the second round in the most heartbreaking (if they’re facing a good team) or farcical (if they’re facing a minnow) way possible[/espl_heading]

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