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Not a “Nice” thing

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Money is not the solution to every problem and being rich doesn’t mean there are no problems in life. Alexis Beka Beka’s episode at OGC Nice recently is a testament to that.

Alexis Beka Beka’s suicide threat

In the early hours of the day, it was reported that an unnamed OGC Nice player was standing on the Magnan viaduct, 100 metres above the ground and threatening to jump.

The player, later revealed to be Alexis Beka Beka, had stopped on the hard shoulder of the A8 motorway and climbed onto the Magnan viaduct.

The authorities immediately sprung into action as firemen and the police started engaging with the distressed individual.

The club got involved soon after, sending a psychologist to the scene to talk to the player.

In addition, his teammates also reportedly arrived at the scene to provide support to Alexis Beka Beka.

Ultimately, the combined efforts of everyone proved to be fruitful and the player was rescued from the precarious position. He was taken to the emergency services and has been declared out of danger.

OGC Nice cancelled all their media activities scheduled in the buildup to their Ligue 1 game against Brest on October 1.

Why was Alexis Beka Beka threatening to commit suicide?

It was initially reported that the player had reached this point due to a breakup in his personal life with his girlfriend.

However, his representatives soon released a statement refuting these links. Their whole statement read the following:

“The break up story is false, this has strictly nothing to do and is totally out of context.

We will make no further comment on this story.”

Since then, it isn’t perfectly clear why the player felt forced to take this huge step and perhaps it will, and should remain confidential to protect the mental health of the player involved.

The club later released a statement to confirm the same. It read the following:

“Above all, we are relieved that everything ended well today for Alexis. He was taken care of. We will continue to respect medical confidentiality and we ask everyone to do the same and respect their privacy. We are in his support as well as that of the entire club.”

Who is Alexis Beka Beka?

It is not the way any player would like to surge into international news but this is the situation Beka Beka finds himself in.

However, in his professional life, he is an extremely talented 22-year-old midfield player who arrived from Lokomotiv Moscow last year for a fee of around £12 million.

He has not managed to break through in his new surroundings as yet. In his debut season last year, he managed just 825 minutes of football across all competitions but did get his first goal for the club.

So far this season, he has been on the bench twice but hasn’t managed to make his first appearance of the year.

Everyone would hope that things turn around for him in his personal life so he can start turning them around professionally and make good on his vast potential which prompted Nice to splash the cash on his last year.

Vatsal Gupta
A die-hard Red Devil, who has straight up not had a good time since 2012. Lives on Korean dramas and books and can often be heard talking about armchair psychological stuff.

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