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The constant usage of “soccer” aside, the latest instalment of All Or Nothing is a personal and emotional watch. Following the Juventus team during the 2020-21 season with in-depth footage of the matches, coaching sessions, training and much more.



Given it was the first (and only, as it turned out) of former player Andrea Pirlo, along with the turbulent nature of how the campaign unfolded and even broke down, there have been several interesting insights and observations.

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There were several important themes underlying the whole docu-series, but one of the most crucial was the emphasis on the “young” players. Those who would become the backbone of the future teams and help in transitioning from an old core to a mix of different styles. Two of the most notable signings to come through were Weston McKennie and Federico Chiesa.

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It is fascinating to learn how an American player, with a very different eating style, had to adapt to the challenging conditions of Juventus. McKennie was told to reduce weight and change his food habits in order to become an elite-level player, and he wistfully reflects on “missing burgers, fries, and wings.



Chiesa was a personal project of Pirlo, with the manager calling him “one of the few Italian players who knows how to skip a man.” The former Fiorentina attacker became one of the leading lights for Juventus, racking up 26 goal contributions across all competitions.

A more personal connection emerged between Gianluigi Buffon and Chiesa, with the latter’s father having played alongside Buffon in the late ‘90s.

Much of the narrative before the big and important games was how the younger players would have to prove themselves, which many might find a bit repetitive. It was as if they were being singled out to lead the team in the absence-marred season of the three veteran leaders.



Undoubtedly, the biggest focus of the All Or Nothing was on the core leadership group of Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini, and Leonardo Bonucci. All of them were dealing with injury issues throughout the past year, and their rehab along with the vital presence inside the dressing room has been thoughtfully captured.

Furthermore, viewers were also able to get a glimpse into the personal lives of the three players where they behave in a more compassionate and family-oriented manner.



Their role is also to galvanise the team when they are facing defeat as was evident during every half-time that was shown. Bonucci and Chiellini led the way in asking for standards to be lifted and to not pass on the blame, but they often had little effect in costly losses to Benevento and Milan towards the end of the season.



One of the most touching moments of the whole series was when an elder fan got a Juventus jersey and cards signed by Buffon for his son’s birthday. The way the production set up a backstory first before ultimately unveiling the surprise touched many hearts.

Likewise, Chiellini helps support a group of disabled children who love playing football and his bringing them merchandise was one of the standout *grabs tissues* moments.



Buffon’s emotional farewell was met with love and affection, given his stature at the club. The fact that he was able to leave on a high is a nice touch all round.



All Or Nothing revolved around varying types of supporters in order to capture the feelings on the other side. There were rival fans watching a match together, a pizza parlour with employees from opposing teams, generations of a family cheering for the Old Lady, all of whom made up for a nice atmosphere given the fact that spectators were not allowed inside the stadium.

Most memorable was a radio talk show, where fans would call up after a match and discuss their feelings about what happened. It was a very small if important barometer of their perception of the team, along with the journalist for Tuttosport Guido Vaciago, who regularly gave his own views.

The fact that support from all backgrounds poured in on matchdays and how binding the power of Juventus made this a wholesome spectacle.



Apart from the various professionals behind the scenes who were featured heavily, the four most important members of the board also made sporadic appearances. Pavel Nedved, Andrea Agnelli, Federico Cherubini and Fabio Paratici all gave their bits at various points of the season, most of it focusing on the same things. Winning and trophies and more winning pervaded their entire sentences.



Agnelli was least animated amongst the four. Even during the entire European Super League, there was frustratingly little information to go on except that Juventus had mounting losses.

There were no background stories or extra information as to how it came about right from the beginning. Its collapse in less than 48 hours was also met with little clarity from one of the prime instigators, apart from the fact they are hoping something else happens in the future.

The series ends on a positive note despite Pirlo being let go, where he says that he will “sleep peacefully” having guided the club into the Champions League along with winning the Coppa Italia. The players speak of unity and moving forward with renewed zeal in order to get the glory days back.

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