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Argentinian Players Threatened At Gunpoint

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Fans of soccer club Deportivo Moron, in Argentina’s third division, threatened two of the team’s players with firearms on Thursday surrounding payment issues, informed local media.

The victims, forward Javier Rossi and defender Emiliano Mayola, were brought to their knees while guns were pressed to their chests.

The threats led to goalscorer Rossi announcing his departure from the club who, four points behind the leaders, are currently placed fifth in the league.

The Argentinian government decided to suspend Deportivo’s upcoming match against Acassuso on Sunday just “to be on the safe side.”

“If they wanted Rossi to leave then they achieved this. Rossi is going,” the soccer player told local media in between tears.

Three days before this incident, Rossi publicly declared that the team was owed three months pay and that this situation had also reached the Buenos Aires clubs management.

“I don’t know what these people (the violent fans) were thinking and if tomorrow they will have other intentions. Luckily they didn’t shoot because if they had, I wouldn’t be talking to you now. I am completely in shock,” said the player.

Deportivo Moron’s fans are among the most violent in Argentinian soccer and in 2015, during a fight between factions, one of the leaders die

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