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Atalanta and Lazio share a point each as the home side made the score 2-2 in the last minute of stoppage time after a close and aggressive 90 minutes of football.

With the intense competition in Serie A this season, a top of the table clash was all the more important for both sides especially Lazio since their backline isn’t performing as they would have hoped for since with 10 games played, they have already conceded 17 goals. Atalanta on the other hand are facing an injury crisis midway this season which is why every point is crucial for Gasperini and his men at this point of the campaign.

Lazio found the opening goal after Atalanta failed to clear the ball and although Immobile’s shot was stopped by Musso, Pedro blasted the ball into the net off of the deflection adding to the amazing first season he has had for Lazio. Atalanta got their equaliser right before the referee blew the halftime whistle as Duvan Zapata struck a powerful shot towards the far post which went through Reina’s fingertips and landed in the back of the net.

A first-half fueled by aggression and some rough football as both sides went hammer and tongs to finish the game in the first half itself. Other than the mistake that cost them a goal, Lazio have defended very well whereas Atalanta would be concerned about their performance at the back. Both sides created ample opportunities in front of goal and hence they were almost impossible to separate at halftime.

Immobile added another goal to his tally in the 73rd minute as Lazio’s quick linkup play caught Atalanta off guard and the finish was almost too easy for the goal scorer in the end. Atalanta’s Martin De Roon scored the equalizer in the stoppage time that was quite literally the last kick of the game as the home side salvages a point in the end. The home side fought hard and got their goal courtesy of their valiant efforts in the dying embers of the game and they managed to get past Lazio’s fortress of defence.


The game was as close as they come as both sides were running stride for stride all over the pitch. We saw some rough tackles, close encounters and two keepers determined to win 3 points. Both sides were pressing aggressively and high which is why the tempo of the game was always high. The players were unable to hold into the ball without receiving a barrage of tackles from their opposing players which is why both sides had to be inventive spontaneously and constantly be on their toes to keep up with the pace of the game.


Atalanta were being creative in the final third but despite their efforts, Lazio managed to fend off their attacks since their backline was organized and well maintained. Lazio crowded their own box whenever Atalanta were making a move which made their goal almost impenetrable. They made one mistake and Zapata capitalised on it but t\othe than that, their was no room for errors. Atalanta being unable to get deep into opposition territory, were compelled to take shots from the edge of the box which was always met by a Lazio player’s block.


Lazio were strong with the counters and Atalanta’s defenders simply couldn’t keep up with the pace and ferocity with which the away team attacked their goal. Atalanta kept a high backline but failed to track back effectively on multiple occasions which is they had to rely on their keeper’s ability to fend off the attacks. Laizio also made sure they attack in numbers and widen the area of play which stretched Atalanta’s defence thin.

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