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Boom! Bayern Munich are the champions

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RED is the colour of VICTORY!

Full-time in Lisbon.

Bayern Munich 1 PSG nil!

We can hear the champions league anthem as we watch the precious UCL trophy being engraved. 

What a night it has been!

For the very first time, the UEFA Champion’s League had witnessed a final clash between a German and a French side. 

The battle lived up to the hype!

With both clubs competing to complete their treble this season, the final was a stage they deserved to reach!

While Bayern had been riding on Hansi Flick’s flawless game plan & their red-hot attack, PSGs intentions were clear as crystal. With Glory-hungry youngsters- Neymar & Mbappe being their key to unlock the Bayern defence & secure the victory. Their focus was utilizing their bursting speed to exploit Bayern’s ever-high defence line.

The movie however turned out differently.


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In an end-to-end first half, one could not help but compliment PSG’s progressive attitude and their strong will to attack. They had created a total of 7 chances with the most threatening ones being missed by Mbappe & Di Maria.

While Neymar Jr was as sharp as ever, his powerful runs were somehow not enough for like in the previous few games- He lacked the finishing touch!

The star of the initial 45-minute show therefore was none other than Ander Herera! The 31-year-old was miraculously sharp on & off the ball. He had also created PSG’s most threatening chance of the game which was shot wide over the crossbar by Angel Di Maria.

Bayern on the other hand were sitting tight- all the way form attack to defence. Despite starting center-back Jerome Boateng getting injured early in the game, the defence was well structured.

Despite the high backline & quick Paris attackers, Bayern had managed to get through without any difficulty. All thanks to the ever-reliable & never ageing goalkeeper – Manuel Neuer.

The German had made a double save on the near post to deny Neymar Jr from scoring early in the game.

With a goalless first half, the game could seemingly have gone both ways.  

The next 45 minutes however changed our minds.

The Germans came out stronger & better prepared from the dressing room. Thye not only dominated possession for a long spell, but also managed to contain the PSG attack.

Davies in defence, Goretzka by the half line & Coman on the wing- Bayern seend flawless from top to bottom.

Thiago Silva was backbone of the Parisian defence & key in stopping the Germans. Alongside him was Marquinhos. The midfielder managed to clear several balls & make necessary tackles to save his side the trouble.

Struggling PSG were soon punished as 24-year-old Frenchman Kingsley Coman scored the goal.

As Joshua Kimmich gently curled the ball with his right foot – it could easily be pictured landing right into the back of the net!

And so it did.

As Kingsley Coman from the far post headed it home with the greatest of ease & precision.

Bayern was all flairs!

Coman, the man Flick had played as his secret weapon at the wing tonight had fired right where it had to!

Despite 30 minutes remaining, PSG seemed to have fallen apart.

They had been struggling to get ahead & get the right finish on the ball. Though Kylian Mbappe made a couple of dangerous runs, it all went to waste for the finishing touch was lacking.

As the game progressed, the dust settled & Bayern continued marching.

In no time the full-time whistle was blown.

Red confetti was decorating the air & Bayern players running around the pitch in celebration.  

Bayern Munich had done it!

They had won their 6th champions league trophy.

They had become the only team to go an entire season in the UCL winning all of their games!

They had become the team to score the highest number of goals in a single UCL campaign by any team this decade!

The moment was unbelievable. Magical.

Amid all the celebration was a hero, a man with a broken dream crying in the stands. Nome other than Neymar Jr.

For Neymar & Paris, this is another year another disappointment.

Despite an unbelievable record, the team had lacked conviction. Their lust for trophies was plagued by poor finishing!


Neymar Jr & Kylian Mbappe had been unable to carry the burden. Di Maria couldn’t pull off what he had manage din the semi final & Bayern did not show any mercy.

With just 2 shots attempted in the second half, PSG was far from best.

Bayern’s unsung heroes on the other hand include Joshua Kimmich & Thiago Alacantra.

Thiago with 91% pass accuracy & 7 successful tackles had also managed to create 2 chances for the team.

Kimmich on the other hand was the sole assist provider & has once again impressed on and all with his attacking as well as defending abilities.

The defender now has 4 assists in the last 3 matches in the champions league (That’s right, The defender!)

All said & done, the ending was well deserved for the reds.

For Hansi Flick.

For Robert Lewandowski.

For Kimmich, Davies & Goretzka who have become the new favourites.

For Müller, Neuer & Boateng who are the face of the club.

And for Bayern Munich!

The 2019-20 football season now has finally & officially come to a close!

Bayern Munich are the champions.

The champions of Germany & Europe as of 23rd August 2020!

As the celebration continues, a big Congratulations to the Reds.

Mia San Mia!

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