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The tables have finally turned at Stamford Bridge. A faltering and limping Blues season under ex-manager Frank Lampard has finally ended with silverware under Tuchel. Thomas Tuchel was called upon to undertake Lampard’s duties and the German boss has guided the Blues to some iconic moments this season. The FA Cup final, a top-4 finish, and a Champions League trophy are some of the things on the German’s CV.



But Roman Abramovich’s musical chair policy is turning out to be quite successful. The Russian-Israeli businessman bought Chelsea in 2003. And since his arrival, a lot of managers have been shown the exit door.

A handful of inconsistent performances and time would run out for any manager. Some people might call his decisions brutal while some might call him foolish. But whatever term you give to his tactics they seem to be landing trophies at Stamford Bridge.



The first general of the Blues Army in Abramovich’s era was legendary boss Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese had recently been writing a fairytale story with Porto. Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red Devils, a team equipped with superstars, had to bow down in front of Mourinho’s tactics. And then Mourinho decided to sail Chelsea’s ship to glory.



In his stint of 3 and a half years, Mourinho announced his arrival at the big stage, taking the Blues to new heights. The world saw two Premier League trophies being delivered to Stamford Bridge.

He wasn’t bad in his third season, as Chelsea finished with a spot at the podium. A string of disappointing performances and Mourinho was asked to pack his stuff and leave.

Then came Avram Grant who was considered to be a revelation at the Bridge. But couldn’t turn Chelsea fans’ dreams into a reality. With just a silver medal in the Champions League to show, Grants’ and Chelsea’s relationship ended.



The next manager on the spot was ex-Brazilian national team manager, Luiz Scolari. But Scolari let down Chelsea boards’ decision to sign him as the Brazilian failed to impress the footballing world.

The next-in-line Guus Hiddink brought the glory days back to Stamford Bridge. The Dutch manager helped Chelsea win another FA cup as the squad looked dominant but once again Hiddink’s stint soon ended. Carlo Ancelotti and Andre-Villas Boas followed next but luck ran out for both of them.

Roberto Di-Matteo proved to be the perfect solution for Abramovic’s questions. A Champions League Trophy was the only silverware he was able to win as Chelsea looked for a new leader.



But after a huge number of sackings, Lampard was expected to be backed by the management. Again Lampard failed to live up to the expectations as Tuchel was appointed as the head coach.

And it might seem the end to the musical chairs game if Tuchel fails to add more silverware to Chelsea’s trophy cabinet he could be the one under the scanner.



While some pundits might think giving managers the axe after a few dead performances might seem harsh but for Abramovic, it’s his mantra to success. Chelsea might have a huge list of fired managers they also have a huge list of trophies won.

From the Premier League to the FA Cup to the Champions League, the Blues might falter in one season but resurrect themselves the very next season. And it’s owing to Abramovic’s musical chair policy. The businessman believes in results and there’s nothing else that can satisfy his thirst.

Last season a fan-favourite at Chelsea, Frank Lampard was bestowed upon the duty to lead Chelsea to new heights. Sarri had won the Europa League with the squad but had conflicting viewpoints with a few players and didn’t have the trust of the board. So Chelsea’s midfield maestro was called back to Stamford Bridge but was assigned different duties this time out.



Frank Lampard was to be given time and money to re-instil the sense of happiness in the squad and make the fans believe that Chelsea’s still competing at the big boys’ table. But Lampard couldn’t replicate his heroics as a player managing Chelsea.

Losses against weaker oppositions, splashing big-bucks all around, important players being benched, and other teams exploiting their weaknesses were some of Lampard’s headaches.
Soon Abramovich did what he’s known for, sacking Lampard.



And last year’s UCL silver medal-winning manager, Thomas Tuchel was presented with the Chelsea manager’s job. Tuchel helped the Chelsea troops march to glory. Abramovich’s ideology is very simple, whoever brings trophies to Bridge gets a contract and whoever falters will be shown the exit door.

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