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Cristiano Ronaldo once again became the topic of interest as doubts regarding his Juventus career looms large. The greatest international goalscorer is showing no signs of slowing down at 36-years of age. Even the best young strikers in world football are having trouble keeping up with the outstanding record Ronaldo maintains season after season. David Trezeguet, the former Juventus player commented on Ronaldo’s situation at the club.



The former striker recently left his role at Juventus and claims that Ronaldo has had problems with some of his teammates. Ronaldo has been visibly upset and disappointed in certain situations and many suggest that the star man could leave the club this summer. There’s no doubt that the Serie A top scorer is still the best man at the club. However, if Ronaldo is unhappy, a transfer could well be on the cards.


Trezeguet was one of the best foreign footballers at the club and so was given the role of the brand ambassador of the club. The ex-forward says that his decision to leave the role was to reintroduce himself in the world of football. He says that there is a generational change and many young directors and coaches are springing up. In the interview, he also admitted that Cristiano Ronaldo was having issues with some of his teammates.




Trezeguet says that Ronaldo was the best signing the club has made and so nobody foresaw this problem. Ronaldo’s impact is there for everyone to see. He is a serial champion and is regarded as one of the best footballers in the world even at this age.

“It was the best signing from the club, nobody expected that,” said Trezeguet.  There have been some problems with his teammates, and you could see that, but he’s scored 100 goals. I think nobody has been able to manage him as Zinedine Zidane, perhaps there has been a lack of dialogue at Juventus at some point.”

“One coach can tell a player: ‘Look at this game, you walked for 90 minutes and you must help me win the games.”

“There are players you don’t want to have against because they make you win the matches. Ronaldo is one of them, Dybala as well. Some of the others, with all the respect due, not as much.”


There have been signs that suggest that Juventus might let go of their star forward. The Serie A club missed out on the league title this year and that too by an unacceptable margin. They are also preparing for a financial re-adjustment and could benefit from Ronaldo’s departure.




Ronaldo has therefore been linked with many clubs in Europe. Earlier rumours suggested that he could join PSG to conquer yet another domestic title. A return to Manchester United and Real Madrid also has been surfacing for quite a few weeks. Ronaldo will want to play European football whether he stays or leaves and still possess the quality to lead any attack in Europe.

His magnificent display in the Euros saw him score five goals. A record-breaking campaign for the Portuguese captain that seems him top the scoring charts in European football. His five-goal haul is still not beaten and might remain intact as the semi-final fixtures draw closer. Even though Portugal exited from the competition, Ronaldo once again showed his class in one of the biggest stages in football.



There have been reports suggesting Gabriel Jesus or Mauro Icardi could take Ronaldo’s place if he does leave the club. However, Juventus director Federico Cherubini insists that their star man has not indicated a move away from the club. Only the future will tell us if the great man stays or not.


The biggest and most valuable question though is whether Juventus needs to let go of their record-breaking G.O.A.T to progress as a club. Although Ronaldo is a game-changer, like he has proved time and again, his contribution in the game usually tones down to just goals. While that is in no way a fault, it can sometimes be a hindrance to the overall development of the club.



Ronaldo would fit in as a big-game player. His current playing style suits that of a super-sub. But would the world’s best No. 7 be content as a substitute, only deployed when needed? Absolutely not, or one might assume so. The fact is many managers will have a hard time working around such a legendary player. Benching him is not an option and deploying him as a mere substitute will not be welcome either. There has to be load management and enough game time. If Juventus cannot find this balance, it is best that they let go of their star acquisition, a decision that could benefit both parties.



The club comes first and the player second. Right now, CR7 is simply bigger than the club. His influence has largely benefitted Juventus, but there comes a point when Ronaldo can also be a hindrance. The Old Lady needs to find a suitable solution and fast.



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