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Football Betting Tips: What You Need To Know

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You love football and want to monetize your betting on football bookmakers. But in fact, to be able to get a win over the bookmakers is not just based on luck. Read on the tips below to have a wise strategy before putting your money. If you are looking for unique betting games or some other online games check out Casino Online Thien Long 99.

The types of betting are varied and they all have specific rules. Start to learn and keep in mind different kinds of football betting below:


This is the most common type of football gambling. When you see a team appearing on a betting board as “101 New England – 3”, it means if you place your bet on New England (by calling 101 to the teller), you can only win when New England beats another team by at least 4 points. Otherwise, your bet is a losing one. Usually, this type of bet is 11.10 ($11 wagers to make $10). So, if you win, you can get $21.

Money line

In this type, favored teams require a larger bet but make a smaller profit. For instance, if team A is favored in its game with team B, the money line for this might be “A -160”. That means you have to bet $160 to win $100. “B +260” means that bettors will get $260 on a $100 wager if the Chiefs win.


In this type, you will bet on whether the combined score of a football match will exceed a given figure or not. If you choose the over in a game with an over/under of 45, you will win if the combined score of 2 teams is at least 46 points. With point-spread wagers, the payouts are the same.

Parlays and teasers

This involves 2 teams or more. You can only collect if you are winners. The more numbers of the bets, the larger the payout. For instance, a winning 5-team parlay will have to pay 20-1. In teasers, you can change the betting line a bit if you like.


Those bets are often offered in special games, like the Super Bowl. You can make bets on any game occurrence. However, those bets are quite difficult to win, so they are quite exotic.

UEFA Nations League Roundup 2020/21: Chapter Two
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Keep your discipline

The thumb rule of betting is that you should make a bet only when you can afford to lose. You have to keep this discipline and don’t lose your head if things are not going like what you expected.
When someone is on his bad run, he can be very tempting to place large bets. At that time, he was in a deadly demand to get his money back (this is known as Martinage system). Unfortunately, this strategy hardly works but is more likely to get bigger losses.

You know, one of the common mistakes that amateur bettors make is chasing losses. Those make the most money for the bookmakers. So, be patient and build up your money budget again steadily from smaller and safer bets.

Bundesliga Roundup 2020/21: Matchday 2
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Taking advantage of Bonus offers

With the ocean of the betting industry these days, many companies are offering some great promotions and bonuses to attract new bettors like you. Normally, major gambling sites provide bonuses for new customers (usually in the form of free bets).

So, sometimes you can get enhanced odds on outcomes. Of course, it happens when you win. But, even if the winning chance is only 1%, it is unwise to skip this offer. Signing up just takes you a few minutes away, but luck can bring you much more.

Once you have registered, those companies will work hard to keep your interest. For example, they can provide you with daily specials and promotions around major sports events such as the World Cup or the new Premier League season.

These promotions can come in great value or get very little risk. So, don’t miss the chance of getting them. But keep in mind to take a bit of consideration before choosing which promotion to go. You might think about how good the value is, whether there is any good reason why the bookies offer those odds on a certain outcome, etc. So, be selective!

Premier League Roundup 2020/21: Gameweek 2
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Shop around

There are a variety of new customer bonuses from different companies. So, don’t restrict yourself to just one of them? I think it’s better for you to have a look around those choices. If you want to get maximum profit for winning bets, take it seriously when putting the money. Loyalty, in this case, might reduce your luck.
Odds often vary considerably in different bookmakers at certain markets. In prior to putting your bet, remember to check whether you can get more elsewhere.
Odds also change in constant trends. If you are wise enough to identify that trend, you take advantage.

Timo werner
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Always do research

To achieve success in football betting (and other things, too), you have to pay time and effort. Do you know the difference between professional and amateur football betting?

Well, the later often considers their winning is a kind of getting-enough-luck. They are just recreational gamblers. Meanwhile, the former – the professionals, spend time to do research and get enough knowledge about what they are doing. They, inherently, get winning bets with higher chances.

So, you know what you should do, right? Take time to watch matches, read up on news about the team that you want to bet on. The more you know about your bet, the higher chance for you to have the right prediction.

What is available in the Goalkeeping Rack for Scaloni's Argentina?
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Record tracking

Not many bettors keep records for their gambling. If you intend to bet regularly with various bookmakers, it’s better to do so. This record can help you keep track of how much you gain and lose. It also helps you identify which types of bets that you have the most success with.

If you bet on online bookmakers, you don’t need to do this job as your betting history will be saved online on your account. You can even shift it into a simple spreadsheet.

In a nutshell, football betting isn’t a no-chance-to-win, if you take time and effort to research. In addition, other online games can also help you relax and make money. They are varied and readily available, check out Gambling Thien Long 99. Nothing is easy, and money can’t suddenly fall into your wallet. Hope those tips above can help you a bit easier in footing a step into the football betting field.

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