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‘He Could Have Gone Somewhere Easier’ – Klopp Hails Guardiola

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has praised Pep Guardiola for being courageous enough to come and work in the Premier League.

The former Bayern Munich boss left the Bavarian side this summer and chose to come to the Premier League instead of taking an easy job.

After a smooth start to the campaign, Manchester City have struggled in the league.

City currently lie in third position 1 point behind seconf placed Liverpool.

“He came here with open eyes. He could have had easier jobs in easier leagues, that is for sure,” the German told reporters ahead of the clash at Anfield.”

“He could have gone anywhere but he wanted to come here. He was probably 100 per cent aware of the big challenge.”

“He knew he had a wonderful squad at Barcelona and a wonderful squad at Bayern but he had big influence on the way they played football.”

“If you go to Barcelona as a new manager they will tell you: ‘By the way, don’t forget, we play like Pep Guardiola played.’ That’s the biggest influence you can have.”

“Bayern loved the years he was there. He is a fantastic manager.”

Klopp faced Pep Guardiola on numerous occasions when he was coaching Borussia Dortmund and the Spaniard was incharge of Bayern.

Klopp also hailed Pep for guiding Bayern to three straight titles under his tutelage.

“They changed their style of play against us a few times, not always, but a few times,” Klopp said.

“A clear philosophy does not mean that you stick to it in each moment. If you have to adapt to your opponent then that is what we all do.”

“The style of the game isn’t everything, it is kind of important but in the end you only want to get your players looking forward with the ball. How you do it is not important.”

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