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Mkhitaryan Dodges Traffic Warden’s Challenge To Assist A Homeless Man

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Manchester United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan dodged Traffic warden to assist a homeless man.

Footballers do have a privileged life, along with that they are mostly generous.

Mkhitaryan remained on the bench throughout Sunday’s 2-0 win over Chelsea at Old Trafford.

He was out in Manchester City on Monday afternoon with his family was heading to City’s San Carlo Italian restaurant.

He parked his Mercedes C3 AMG outside the restaurant for an hour.  While leaving his car he forgot that he is not supposed to park his car on double yellow lines.

The warden circled around the £70,000 car and stayed to issue a £60 fine; the warden then saw the midfielder come out, and so perhaps decides against it.

In order to make up for the parking fault, Mkhitaryan took a selfie with a young fan and gave £5 note to a homeless man.



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