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Vardy Blocks His Lookalike On Twitter Just Days After Partying With Him

Jamie Vardy

Just days after celebrating with his lookalike, has blocked him on twitter.

Lee Chapman a postman by profession is a lifelong fan, who has a very strong resemblence to none other but Leicester’s posterboy Jamie .

Chapman was invited to join the Foxes title winning celebrations in the team bus earlier this month.

Chapman decided to take a break from his regular job and started working as a Jamie Vardy lookalike on a full-time basis.

It has also been reported that Chapman recieved a text message from Vardy’s agent John Morris, warning him of legal actions if he were to cause any damage to his clients image.

James Austin, the lookalike’s new agent, told the Sun, “Lee is genuinely upset. He’s a true Leicester fan and Jamie is his idol. He would never do anything to bring his hero, Vardy, into disrepute.

“He doesn’t know what he has done to upset them. It’s so bad he was thinking of simply giving up.”

Austin also claimed that Chapman didn’t even know that he was blocked by Vardy, and it was the fans that brought the issue to his notice.

Jamie Vardy’s agent Morris gave the Sun a clarification, “I wish Lee all the best. I’ve met him and he comes across as a really nice guy. If anything happens to anybody whether you are a sports person or a movie star you have to be protected.

“I don’t know anything about Lee being blocked on Twitter.”

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