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Real Madrid To Launch Astronomical Bid For Messi After Transfer Ban Reduction

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Real Madrid received a huge boost after their transfer ban was reduced and now they are back in business with one last throw at an audacious Lionel Messi bid.

The Galacticos can now activate their interest in players during the summer transfer window rather than waiting for the following year.

Messi ronaldoJoseph Bartemou on renewing Lionel Messi’s contract: “We’ll make a big effort to keep Messi. Given that he’s the best footballer ever then it’s logical that as the No.1 footballer in the world right now he should be that in all aspects including economically.”

“We’ll not only try to convince him that this is his ‘home’ but that this is the best club for him and that he should finish his career here.”

“We always want to be discrete so I’ll not talk about the numbers involved but he should be the best paid.”

“We’ll try to talk to his people at the right time in the right way but as my Vice President, Jordi Mestre, admitted the other day we’d like to complete the negotiations by April if possible.”

“Messi’s the best ever so he should be winning the Ballon D’Or every single season – and I’m not the only one who thinks that way.”

“When you travel the world as I do you realise that the figure of Leo Messi has transcended mere football.”

“Not just for the way he plays the game but for how he is, his appeal. It’s the wish of the club, all Barcelona fans and all of football that he stays where he is for the rest of his career.”

It is a known fact that Real Madrid have pursued Messi since he was 13 years old.

Lionel Messi’s contract expires in summer of 2018 and if negotiations do not fall in place, Florentino Perez will be more than obliged to take a final shot in luring the Argentine to the Spanish capital according to Graham Hunter.

“Whether you consider that Florentino will succeed … or be laughed out of court, the Real Madrid President almost has no option but to try one last shot at tempting Messi to cross the divide.”

“My firm opinion is that not only will Messi refuse to contemplate betraying a club about whom he’s always said ‘I owe everything to’, it’s still by far the most likely outcome that he commits to another four year deal at the Camp Nou before heading back to play for Newells Old Boys.”

“But it’ll be a shock if, over the coming months, it doesn’t emerge that Florentino’s has had one last roll of the Messi dice.”

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